Wednesday, September 14, 2005


More pictures from Saturday.
Getting ready to do my superman dive. Hari is filming this (yet another video I need to get on this blog).

I guess my superman dive was faster than a speeding bullet, because I escaped this picture.

The finish.
Here goes Nilesh, Hari giving the thumbs up in the background.
Looks like he knows how to levitate.

This is the third picture with a leg in it. Balwinder's right leg is going to be famous.
If you know art, you will know Georgia O'Keeffe, and if you are familiar with her work you will know this mesa in the background. It features prominently in some of her works. She lived and painte real near to this area.
The water was definitely lower, because I was able to say "Saaaat Siri Akal" before hitting the water. Last time I didn't get Akal out.

I made a really big splash at least 20 feet into the air. It was loud too. At some point I hope to get the video of this jump up. It will be cool. At the top of this picture are Hari, Nilesh, and another guy who was considering jumping. Hari and Nilesh both jumped. If you click on the picture you'll see some spectators in the background. There was a group of girls that were hanging out and they were leaving when I was about to jump. They turned around to encourage me to jump, they definitely don't know me, I don't need any encouragement!

This looked like a pretty big fish.
Another shot of the area where we were diving.
Balwinder, you can see some people spray painted the rocks there.

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