Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Last day in Louisiana

On my last day in Louisiana, I went to the shelter in Donaldsonville. Some of the supplies that United Sikhs provided were supplies that were for Indian food, like dhal, rice, and roti. They said they won't be using it, so we transported it from there to a family in New Orleans that will be able to distribute it. Also while we were there we helped to organize part of the warehouse better. It was just me and Sat Avtar Kaur on that Tuesday. On that particular day we happened to be the only volunteers left, other people had left and others were arriving later.
Some of the supplies in disarray. This area is not really as bad as it looks in this picture. We helped in the area where they kept donated clothes. They had a lot that needed to be sorted.
Another shot of some supplies. This shows a little more organization, though it could definitely be better.
This was a tiny little lizard that I spotted at Sumir and Sahib's house. You can tell how little it is, if you consider that the grout between the two bricks, on which half of the lizards body resides, is less than an inch wide.

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luvin the pics... wicked seva