Friday, September 23, 2005

Dr Mangat's house and neighborhood

On Saturday a few of us went to New Orleans to help Dr. Mangat and family recover the few things that they could from the upstairs of their house.
Every car on this lot was under water.
This boat landed in somebody's front yard.
You can clearly see where the water was and how dingy it was. There was nothing green below the water level.
Dr. Mangat's neighbors.
House of Dr. Mangat and family.
This is what some people were swimming in before being rescued. In the background is his neighbors garage in piles.
Mold was growing on everything.
Another clear sign of the water level.
Everything downstairs was ruined.
Across the street.
The front yard.
The neighbor's garage.
This neighborhood didn't receive as much damage from the winds as other places, but everything was under water.
The rental car we drove down to New Orleans parked on the street.
Hari going in to help with recovering.
Things just floated from different parts of the house and landed any where.
There were dead fish in different areas.

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