Thursday, September 22, 2005

Command Center

I guess I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm back now. I went from last Friday until Tuesday.
Talking about water levels I guess. Outside Sumir Kaur and Sahib Singh's house (aka command center). From left to right is Sat Avtar Kaur, Hari Singh, Sita Kaur, Deva Singh, and Gurujot Singh.
The man with the badge is Kuldeep Singh who has been one of the leaders in the effort there.
Here you can see Gurvinder Singh, talking to Sat Avtar, who is currently leading the efforts in Louisiana.
This is Sumir Kaur and Sahib Singh's garage, which has quite a store of supplies.
While the rest of the country is price gouging, this is the cost in Baton Rouge. It went up to $3.15 in EspaƱola, but is now at $2.89. Though with Rita, everything is supposed to go up again.

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