Friday, September 09, 2005

Coming down

Looking up from the springs, just before the long hike back to the campsite.
A cool rock
Indian paintbrush again. Everywhere I go in New Mexico I find this plant (Castilleja linariaefolia).
A naturally occuring Geode.
Another yucca. This one is a different kind with a very thick stalk.
interesting flowers.
Nice view.
You can't tell from this picture, but this wasp was huge.
I figured since it was the third time I got stung on my calf, I would take a picture of it. I don't know if it is because the wasps are huge, but the first time I got stung on that day it hurt really bad. It was worse than any other single wasp sting I've ever endured. Though it definitely wasn't worse than the time I accidentally stepped on a wasp nest and got stung around 20 times. That happened when I was a teenager but I still remember because it was quite a memorable experience.

An interesting part of the earth.

Reference for how big the cracks in the dirt are.
Hari climbing through the cave that we have to go through to get to the hot springs.
Another nice red flower.
Cool camping area.
I believe this is another kind of juniper, but I could be wrong.
In the forrest looking up.
A bouquet that Hari picked for Sita.
Interesting bark.
The sun starting to set.

Sunflowers along the river.

The same yuccas I took a picture of on the way in. I forgot that I had taken their picture so I did it again.

It is a really beautiful place.

Crossing the river again.

After taking some shots of this little crab I touched it and it snapped at me really fast. I wasn't expecting that and I ended up dropping my camera with the lense exposed. Sand got all in my camera and I tried my best to clean it, but it now has problems opening and closing the lense. Any time my camera malfunctions I'll remember this little...
A couple enjoying nature without getting out of their truck.
The sunset.
The campfire Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures once again. The tree with the "interesting bark" looks like it's wearing camouflage. Pretty neat.

What do you eat when you go on these camping trips? Do you cook food or do you take food with you? If you do cook, do you have some easy vegetarian recipes for me - I will be going on my very first camping trip next month. Any other suggestions would be helpful too.

- Tajinder.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Good question Tejinder ji! I'd like to know too.

- I didn't even know about geodes...very interesting concept
- that dried out earth - so weird to find it in areas so green and lush...dont you think?
- That sweet! Tell Hari that that's impressive...*muah*
- I love those Indian paintbrishes and those fallberries in one of the previous posts :D
- wasps...OUCH! I guess that's the price for uncovering such gorgeous surroundings.
planning to rest this weekend??

Anonymous said...

>>I guess that's the price for uncovering such gorgeous surroundings<<

sikhi seeker, are you referring to Prabhu's calf?

Confused Khalsa said...

keep it up man. such an awesome place to visit.

how far is this from espanola?

" >>I guess that's the price for uncovering such gorgeous surroundings<<"

surely he means "uncovering IN such gorgeous surroundings" :)

Prabhu Singh said...

We take food with us and cook there. You can get a nice little camping stove for about $30 and the little cans of propane for about $3. You won't even use a whole can in a weekend. The camping stoves have two little burners and fold up to be about 2 feet by 1 foot and about 4 inches tall.
We loosely organize who's going to bring what, but usually everybody brings extra food. A lot of times me and my friends will have lots to eat when camping. Though I really enjoy finding food out in nature. Next time I definitely want to cook some of the cactus. Last year we picked mint and made mint tea, it was nice.
I like sandwiches. For our hike we made sandwiches in the morning with lettuce tomatoes, cheese, avocados, and I think we had sprouts, they were good sandwiches. Also one of the days we made grilled cheese sandwiches on the stove. My friend Akal is famous for his 'Akal cheese sandwiches' which he often makes when we go camping together.
We also stir fried some vegetables one time. We cooked some potatoes, we cooked tofu, in the mornings we ate cereal and cooked oatmeal. On other trips we've made pasta, which is real easy. Just choose a few things you like and tell your friends to do the same. What ever you choose to bring make sure you bring enough for the whole group. I usually bring enough for about two meals for the whole group plus snacks. I'm single so I don't bring as much as the couples. They often bring enough for 4 meals for the whole group or even more. So we end up with plenty of food. I ended up with food coming back this time.
This place is about 6 hours from Espanola. There are plenty of places that are closer where you can go camping. Also there's lots of hot springs nearby as well. This place though is different than the places nearby. We have really high mountains near Espanola. These aren't as high and since it is so far South there is different flora and fauna.
Rest this weekend? Yeah right! I never rest (though I wish I did sometimes). Today I'm planning to go back to Abiquiu lake and jump off the cliffs again.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Oh Anonymous...a little dirty mind out there:)
I didn't imagine/think 'gorgeous surroundings' could be anything but that beautiful place these guys went hiking to!
Thanks Sikh Singh ji for clarifying it on my behalf...:)

msingh said...

Hey Prabhu Ji, I need you as a guide during my camping trips when I come over to Espanola, so you better start working on your business plan (and I'd better start saving up for the trip).

How about 'Prabhu's Golden Tours' as the company name.

Hope you're not too expensive...


Prabhu Singh said...

I couldn't think of a better job than taking other people to places I love. It would be great! I'd have to be real expensive to quit my current job. I'll just have to keep doing it for free on the weekends.