Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Balwinder super hero

Balwinder doesn't know how to swim. He literally starts to sink when he gets in the water. That doesn't mean he won't try though. Balwinder is so courageous that he even jumped off one of the cliffs!
Can you believe that? He doesn't know how to swim, but he's still willing to jump! He said the jump doesn't scare him, he just can't do it on his own. He proved that he's not scared. He jumped and we helped him out of the water.

Balwinder getting ready to learn how to swim. Suhas in the background. We had a short lesson with Balwinder before the jump, he's starting to get the hang of it.
This is a picture of the splash Balwinder made when he jumped. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of him in the air, but there is a video of it, which I also hope to post.
Me and Hari and Suhas helping Balwinder out after he resurfaced. He stayed under for a while and I got nervous, but eventually his head popped up and we got him out.


Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Go Balwinder! You don't know how to swim and still you dove! incredible!

Anonymous said...

Sat Nam!

It makes me very soft inside to hear this story.
What a trust!
Waheguru is in every one and sure in your best friend, so Balwinder even without knowing to swim, you jumped.
This is real faith, to know that you are always taken care of.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Very well said Manpreet ji. I couldn't even think of anything, but GOSH! Balwinder ji is a hero to me. I don't know how to swim and God, I went to Paramount Wonderland and I went all the way for a water ride from that height...and yes, you guessed right...I totally chickened out :(
So kudos to Balwinder ji :D

balwinder said...

thanks guyz but I m NOT that courageous.

When u have full trust in waheguru and ur friends who are there to save u....then I think anybdy can jump from anywhere.....its not a big thing. I remember, before jumping I just said "waheguru....u r wonderful" and then I jumped. I m thankful to my lovely friends prabhu, hari and suhas for helping me out.
Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki fateh