Monday, August 22, 2005


Sundays are great! I wake up at 3:00 even though I seem to always get to sleep at midnight on Saturday. This Saturday was no exception. I drive to the Gurdwara, of course the last couple months Balwinder Bhai ji has been with me, and we do ishnaan seva. It is something so sacred to me, something that gives so much to my life. Then I usually nap, wake up, meditate and get ready for Gurdwara.
Gurdwara was great! Gurdwara here is always great. There is so much love and devotion. It is a sea of turbans and a wave of cherdi kala. The elements that sometimes disturb other Gurdwaray do not exist here. I suspect if certain elements did appear they would not be tolerated and dealt with, with wisdom and grace. We don't have politics and power plays and fashion shows and chat hour and fanaticism and intolerance. At least not on a large scale, if any of these exist I don't see them.
After Gurdwara we played ultimate frisbee as usual and then American football. I was a little sore after frisbee so I didn't want to be a receiver in football (meaning a lot of running). Instead I was a blocker. Even though we usually play two hand touch, instead of tackle, the blockers still get hit hard. At least three times yesterday I was at a stand still and people moving fast knocked me right over. Force equals mass times acceleration, when someday has more mass and a lot of acceleration and you have zero acceleration, your force is no match. I also got blind sided a couple times, which actually worked in our favor because the people who hit me were not able to get to the receiver who had the ball. I was essentially just a body on the field. I deflected a pass on defense but other than that I didn't touch the ball the whole game. At one point someday hit me really hard from behind and their head went right into my lower spine. I'm definitely bruised from that one today. It's funny how I can take a lot of hits on the field and be a lot more sore the next day. Though when I walk or limp into work on Mondays and I'm sore, I know that I had a good weekend.


BCSikhYouth said...

Really appreciated the first paragraph of your post. If only all Sikh youth had such opportunities to do this seva.

Thanks for the post.

Sikh Youth of BC
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Anonymous said...

Doing sewa for gurughar early in the morning is just amazing. I remember when i was kid.. I use to wash the floors of Darbar Sahib back in amritsar (3 or 4 in the morning). I noticed that it makes your day a fresh start..

I have couple of questions.. i hope it's not the trouble.

Esponala seems like a good natural place to visit.. Can you let me know how the programs goes? Whats the best time to visit this place (like weekends).Is there motels (best western) nearby? Can you please list your contact email so that i can contact you?

Much appreciated

Prabhu Singh said...

If you visit Española at any time during the year, i.e. not during a special event, then it is best to visit on the weekends because we have our normal Gurdwara program on Sundays. Everyday of the week we have a community Sadhana that ends with a short Gurdwara in the morning. That starts at 3:40 AM with Japji Sahib. On Sundays the Sadhana takes place in the Langar hall, rather than the Gurdwara because we do Ishnaan Seva in the Gurdwara on Sundays, that starts at 3:00 AM with Japji. There are hotels in town, sometimes the rates are high sometimes they're not that high, I'm not too familiar with the rates. I know that hotels in Santa Fe, Taos, and Los Alamos are quite expensive. These are the towns that surround Española, so Española is one of the better places to find a good deal. I would suggest trying to stay with somebody from the sangat. Also I know a few people from the sangat have a few suites that they rent out to guests. I have put a link in my profile so that you can email me.

Sikhi Seeker said...

You guys are so kind! I shall, someday, like to visit Espanola for sure...Looking forward to it!
I sould right now considering that i quit my job, but then running low on finances for the same reason...oh well
...some fine day!