Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The weekend

This really is how I spent my weekend! Even I can't believe how blessed I am sometimes.
I didn't think the Wheeler hike would take all day, but it did. The next day on Sunday I did something that I do every Sunday morning. It is something I love to do so much. The ishnaan seva at our Gurdwara. For those who don't know, this is washing the marble floors which we do once a week starting at 3:00 AM on Sunday.
In my pursuit to create an inspiring blog and share the beauty in my life with others, I took pictures at the seva. The seva is sacred to me, it is something that brings a lot of peace and joy to my life, and if I'm in Española (most Sundays) you can believe I'll be at ishnaan seva (even if I stay up all night on Saturday).
Coming soon, pictures of ishnaan...


Harpreet Singh Gill said...

Between Kung Fu Flips and ishaan seva, your like some sort of Sikh Super Hero. I think all the Sikh blogger sangat should get together and make a comic book based on you.

But keep it up.


It was your posts originally on Sikhnet all 723 of them (actually I didn't read them all, probaby half) that was a big factor in inspiring me to make the Commitment to Sikhi I.E take Amrit.

Underactive sikh said...

"Even I can't believe how blessed I am sometimes" Nor can I for that matter, you super-lucky sikh.

The ishnaan seva sounds like an amazing experience.


Prabhu Singh said...

Harpreet Singh I am totally humbled by what you said. If what I do or say or write or share can inpsire one person then it is all worthwhile. This is the point of my blog. To share something nice.

Underactive Sikh said...

Prabhu Singh great pictures of the ishnan seva. I suspect all negative comments (and for that matter positive ones) pale into insignificance when you are immersed in Guru Ji's sewa in the ambrosial hours of sunday morning.

You are definitely one blessed sikh!


Siri Dyal said...

sat nam ji...
Ishnan Seva is a blessing... thanks Prabhu to show it and to remember me the blessing to be
by the way, which is your mail?... mine here is