Thursday, August 25, 2005

Tuesday Night

In telling about Bhai Avtar Singh and Jetha I forgot to mention that on Monday after the kirtan, Bhai Avtar Singh gave me a big hug, he is a really nice man. On Tuesday we again gathered as a sangat at the home of Mukhia Jethadar Amrit Singh and family. They also recently built their house. They have a small Gurdwara in their house and so Guru Ji was in Prakash.
Bhai Kultar Singh (son of Bhai Avtar), Bhai Avtar Singh, Bhai Swaran Singh.
Towards the end of the Gurdwara Amar Singh came and sat next to me and mimicked what I was doing. He was sitting exactly as I was sitting and during ardaas he was standing exactly as I was standing. Afterwards I snapped yet another photo.
Ranbir Singh son of Siri Singh Sahib. Ranbir is a really good man, and his kids are top notch. In this photo he had just picked up Amar and Amar was telling him that I'm his friend.


Anonymous said...

Prabhi Singhji,
You are doing a really great job keeping up with your blog and the goings in in Espanola. We in NY are really enjoying it. Keep up!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how many kids does SSS have? Do they all live in Espanola? And how do they support themselves?

Prabhu Singh said...

Siri Singh Sahib and Bibiji have three children, Ranbir Singh, Kulbir Singh, and Kamaljit Kaur. I don't know anything for sure, but I believe Ranbir and Kamaljit and their families live in Los Angeles. Kulbir was living in Albuquerque, but I haven't seen him since his wedding last year so he may be somewhere else. I don't know what any of them do for a living. Sorry for the scarce information.