Friday, August 26, 2005

Thursday Night chanting

The Chanting Last night was at the Siri Singh Sahib's ranch. In front of the dome-shaped house where he used to reside. They had continuous langar near the pool.

As I was walking to the ranch from my brother's house I stopped to take a photo of somebody's artistic endeavor in the side of a hill. The road to the Gurdwara (Sombrillo Road East) goes through some hills which were carved out to make the road. People over the years have carved things into the sides of the hills. I've seen some real good art work, though eventually it erodes.
Amar Singh is always sitting in the lap of the tabla player. The tabla player here is Gurmeet Singh.
Sarib Jot Kaur and her little sister Siri Atma Kaur. Siri Atma's shirt says that she is the boss. They are both sooo cute. Also the trend seems to be with children these days is to have super smart kids. I interact mostly with Sikh kids who are raised consciously so they never cease to amaze me.
Prabhu Jot Singh.
The Pool near where the langar was served. It started to rain for a little while. It was also a nice sunset, a little after this picture was taken the clouds turned into a crimson color as the sun was setting.
Sat Kartar Kaur. In a kid sized rocking chair by the pool.
I was taking random pictures of people near the pool. I don't know the girl facing the camera, the other girl is Guru Shabad Kaur a student at MPA.
I forget the name of this blondie baby, but her family just moved here from L.A. I usually learn all the kids names so eventually I'll remember it.


Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

you got these up so quickly! They're great. It's such a surreal space back in the ranch. First time I'd been there. Beautiful.

Sikhi Seeker said...

I look at the Sikh community in Espanola and I see Waheguru closely residing in there!

People inscribe Sikh symbols on the much more in love do you have to be? It signifies God residency in your souls and swaas.

You are TRULY blessed!!

xSHANTIx said...

litle amar singh is tooooooooo not a baby person but he is the kid everyone wants to have..heheh such a cutie...God bless him :D