Monday, August 01, 2005

Thursday evening

On Thursday I went to my brother's house and got some more photos from his roof.
Okay, I'll admit I actually took this one while driving. This was when I was driving from my brother's house to mine.
Guru Jot, Siri Dyal, and Patwinder. One American and two Mexicanas.
Me on my brother's roof.
These are the same kind of 'hot pink' clouds I was talking about earlier.

This is a view of the sky while the sun was setting. I took a picture of the same part of the sky later when the sun was mostly set, you can see the difference by viewing the picture below.


xSHANTIx said...

the last 2 pictures are my favourite...the sky is jus so heavenly...beautiful GREAT PICS =D

Anonymous said...

Sat Nam!

These are beautiful photo's! You have an excellent eye (is this proper English?).
Prabhu Singh, are you one of the jumping brothers on Gurumustuk's blog?
Were you the completly happy dancer doing Bhangra? (the last one in the row on the video?)
Is your brother Hari, the Hari who married lately?
Don't blame me for all the questions. Your friend Gurumustuk is showing your full life to the world! Ha, haha!
But i enjoy it. Seeing both blogs makes me live a bit in Espanola!
Thank you,

Prabhu Singh said...

I don't know what happened to my comments. I'm sure I answered these questions. Oh well, I'll write it again. I am one of the dudes doing flips on Guru Mustuk's weblog. I'm usually completely happy, but I'm not a great Bhangra dancer so it's not likely you've seen me in a Bhangra video. My brother Hari married last year and there are some pictures on this blog. For me Española is the most beautiful place in the world and that's why I started this blog.
Sat Siri Akal!

Anonymous said...

I luv nature pics....they look awesome.... Waheguru ji's creations are so beautiful.