Friday, August 26, 2005


On Saturday when I was in Albuquerque to celebrate the birthday of my nephew I was speaking to my mom about blogging. I told her that Gurumustuk set up a whole page devoted to Bhai Fauja Singh, she then told me that she met Bhai Fauja Singh! I thought that was pretty cool.
Switching gears, I wanted to say that I can totally take requests on this blog. I can't promise that I will always fulfill requests, but I can do my best and I'll be more aware of what people want to see. If you know people here in Española that you want to see pictures of, or if you know of events that you want to see pictures of, write to me and I'll do my best. Obviously I have a job and demanding personal life, but I manage to find time for this blog, so I'll do my best.

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