Thursday, August 04, 2005


WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
I am sharing on this blog, things that are sacred to me. I'm sharing the things that I love dearly with all my heart. I'm sharing.
For the most part I have gotten positive responses. I have not had to endure any negative or disrespectful comments on my blog. Unfortunately Guru Mustuk has. I have been slandered and insulted online before. In fact the internet taught me a lot about 'Sikhs'.
I grew up believing in one God, believing in the equality of humankind, believing that I could trust Sikhs. I grew up believing that Sikhs had the highest moral code and I could always count on Sikhs. I believed that we are here to serve. I believed that I was and am a Sikh. Even though my identity meant that I met with many problems and abuses as a child, Sikhi was where I took refuge. The Guru never hurt me. I wanted the Sangat to be the same.
Sadly this is not always the case. When I sit in Gurdwara I see saints. Even if some of the people there are people I've seen do bad things, everybody looks like a saint inside the Gurdwara. How do past actions matter when they utter Gurbani from their mouths? However outside the Gurdwara, outside Española, people I have met and wished for friendship and brotherhood have been sources of hate. Mostly these people are on the internet.
Why are Sikhs trying to hurt other Sikhs? Why does a mural upset so many people? Aren't there more important things in life? Isn't it more important that we find unity amongst Sikhs and then amongst humanity? I don't like being jaded, I would rather believe that I can trust Sikhs. Instead my normal thinking has become, 'I'm glad I have such a great community in Española because elsewhere I would just be judged critized and abused.' I think, 'what can I put on my blog that won't be insulted by fanatics?' I used to joke that I was a fanatic Sikh, because I fanatically believe in the teachings and way of life of the Guru. But then I realized that you can go so far with fanaticism that you can even turn sacred parts of the Sikh Dharma into some kind of dogmatic, judgemental, and unpleasant experience.
Every Sikh knows what I'm talking about, just think of our roop. For me my identity is sacred it is a beautiful gift given by Guru Gobind Singh to us. For others, it is a way to judge who is Sikh and who isn't. I don't believe that you are a Sikh (disciple) if you don't follow the Guru, but my opinion doesn't preclude me from being nice (in fact loving) many people who do not practice the Sikh way of life, even if they call themselves Sikh. Who am I to judge or critisize what is sacred to others? I can think of nothing more hateful than that. How can somebody open up and share even the most beautiful things in their life, and then be stabbed in the heart by their own brothers and sisters?
I know who I am, I accept the Siri Guru Granth Sahib as my Guru. I take my inspiration and direction in life directly from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Every hukam I have received in regards to the judgements of other people has resulted with something positive about the way I do things. When praying to the Guru about my involvement in this community and what we do and stand for, I received a hukam saying that everything is in the will of God and I have been brought to the Guru's door.
At this point I don't care if people critisize or slander or hate me. If I could handle these things as a child I can handle anything. The only reason it has the ability to still upset me is that I trusted Sikhs, I never wanted to be hurt by Sikhs.
I'm learning to trust again and open my heart. I will never again close down or become negative because the abuse of others. This is my prayer and this is my intention. I am the son of Guru Gobind Singh and I don't need to justify anything to anyone. I know what is Gurmat, I live it. I'm allowed to make mistakes, I know what is the rehit and I follow it strictly.
Thank you to all those who pray for me, I cannot think of any greater gift than that. Thank you to all the wonderful Sikhs (majority) and wonderful people in the world. Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Raj Karega Khalsa!
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!


Gurumustuk Singh said...

Thank you for sharing that Prabhu. It was very heartfelt.

Inder Singh Khalsa said...

Sat Nam Prabhu Singh,

Inder Singh Khalsa writing to you from way down south of the equator. (Chile to be exact) If you remember a little, you showed us the water spot in the Jemez to jump from, you intruced us into ultimate frisbee and a whole bunch of other fun things in Española and Sikh way of life.
I wanted to thank you for sharing this blog, it`s really difficult to be far from Española. I like these blogs Gurumustuk has started.
I just remembered, how`s the Guru Gobind Singh Image slaying a lion. Are you ready to contract a sculpture and perhaps you can come pick it up at the next yoga festival here.

Keep up the good vives, fight for your rights and beleifs as well as those of others. Stand strong and may Guru grant you the prosperity to keep on serving.

Wha Hey Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wha Hey Guru Ji Ki Fateh! Sat Nam.

indi.kaur™ said...

May Maharaaj do kirpa so that you go from strength to strength in everything you do.

Stay in Chardi Kalah :-)

Anonymous said...

I think that there are different types of "fanatics". There are some out there who say things with the goal of making themselves feel higher and better than others and there are others that genuinely feel a lot of love in their hearts and when they see something that they think is not Gurmat (but is being presented as such) they have a hard time staying quiet.

A lot of it is in the delivery.

I think no matter who we are, we really can't declare "I know all of Gurmat".

When I was 15, I chakked amrit and thought I knew it all. I'm 24 now and what I thought was Gurmat back then has changed at least 70%.

Sometimes when someone corrects us or tells us what we're doing may not be correct, it hurts. It hurts our ego more specifically. But it doesn't make what they said any less true.

You know, I was reading an old magazine "The Sikh Sansar" and in one of the issues, there's a bit of a debate between a "Western" Sikh and a Punjabi one. The Western Sister wrote in and said that the Punjabis in the West had corrupted the religion and were not practicing it correctly (she was right I think). The Punjabi reply was bitter and asked "who are you to tell us this?". The Western Sikhs were very eager to learn Gurmat and adopted even the most difficult parts of rehit like bana and dastaar for women.

Now, I'm getting the feeling (and I could be VERY wrong) that sometimes our Western Sikh brothers and sisters feel some Punjabi Sikhs are going too far and are dogmatic fanatics.

I think we should all keep an open mind. Maybe the "fanatic" view is harsh or is critical of how we do things, but is there any substance to their criticism?

I could go on much more, but I think as a Sikh, we are all learning. When we see or hear a new view, lets honestly analyse it and see if it has any substance. Lets always strive to be the Sikh Guru Gobind Singh would proudly call his Khalsa.

jasjeet said...

United we stand, Divide we fall

May waheguru bless you,

see you some day.



ਿੲਕ ਿਸੰਘ said...

i agree with this ann above...prabhu, we all love you. there's nothing to hate about you.
i could never do what you do but if you believe in something you shouldn't let a comment on the internet get you all wound up.

also, you don't know who the other person could be a lost soul or an uneducated brother/sister. again i'm not defending the slanderers only the ones who's point of view is different from yours and call themselves sikh brother/sister.

Underactive Sikh said...

Let's turn our ears towards our Guru and hear what he has to say:

raag ga-orhee maalaa mehlaa 5
Raag Gauree Maalaa, Fifth Mehl

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

paa-i-o baal buDh sukh ray
Adopting the innocent mind of a child, I have found peace

harakh sog haan mirat dookh sukh chit samsar gur milay ||1|| rahaa-o
Joy and sorrow, profit and loss, birth and death, pain and pleasure - they are all the same to my consciousness, since I met the Guru. ||1||Pause||

ja-o la-o ha-o kichh socha-o chitva-o ta-o la-o dukhan bharay
As long as I plotted and planned things, I was full of frustration

ja-o kirpaal gur pooraa bhayti-aa ta-o aanad sehjay ||1||
When I met the Kind, Perfect Guru, then I obtained bliss so easily. ||1||

jaytee si-aanap karam ha-o kee-ay taytay banDh paray
The more clever tricks I tried, the more bonds I was saddled with

ja-o saaDhoo kar mastak Dhari-o tab ham mukat bha-ay ||2||
When the Holy Saint placed His Hand upon my forehead, then I was liberated ||2||

SGGS page 214

Underactive Sikh said...

And here's another message from Guru Ji:

sukh ka-o maagai sabh ko dukh na maagai ko-ay
Everyone begs for happiness; no one asks for suffering

sukhai ka-o dukh aglaa manmukh boojh na ho-ay
But in the wake of happiness, there comes great suffering. The self-willed manmukhs do not understand this

sukh dukh sam kar jaanee-ahi sabad bhayd sukh ho-ay
Those who see pain and pleasure as one and the same find peace; they are pierced through by the Shabad. ||5||

SGGS page 57

Hari Singh said...

Unfortunately, it's Kaljug and Prabhu ji, you will find that slandering, bragging and gossiping are rife – But don’t let these affect your balance – As you say our relationship is with our Guru and our True Sangat not some know-it-all cyber “so-called-Sikh”. Let them continue to bark – Carry on your Gurmat work and don let it disturb your focus.

As part of GNNSJ, I heard about the same sort of comments about the marvellous work that they do – but the views of these negative people is never taken into consideration - else the Jatha would not be able to do any projects at all. This negative attitude is very common in Punjabi culture – “Do nothing yourself and stop other from doing any good as well at all costs”.

Please keep up the good Sikhi work that you are doing at Española. Wonderful photos of Gurdwara Ishnaan. Keep in Chardikala.

Indy The Piper said...

Dear Prabhu ji,
this is for you

Boleh So Ni Hal
Sat Sri Akaal

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


Indy The Piper

Gurpreet Singh said...

I love you Singhaaa.We are all brothers and some of us take longer to learn things ..just give it time...being a true Sikh isn't easy ...many people think keeping the roop is being a sikh but theres more to it and many don't have that understanding...u continue being that role model sikh you are....stay in chardikalaaa

Wahegurooo Ji ka Khalsa!!
Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh!!

Anonymous said...

Prabhu Singh ji,

First a huge n warm hug from my heart n soul to u. U made me cried out of love.

Prabhuji ur name suggest of Almighty,ur a fragrence of love, u r to flow in all directions irrespective of wheather air in particular area is stale.

U ppl are my family,my love,my inspiration (although i belong to the land where Sikhism origanated.)

We are not biological brothers but more stonger then dat, brothers by SOUL.



may PARAMATMA bless us all.
Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh.

Anonymous said...

Bro in any walk of life you gonna get fanatics / orthodox types.

Some label freedom fighters for Khalistan as fanatics but these people want to free themselves from the Indian and Pakistan occupation of their homeland (punjab), which is a just cause. Esp if we relate it to America and it's war for independance and other freedom movements. They have suffered discrimination and persecution so it is a just cause for them to fight for their homeland where they would feel safe and secure. Though the situation for Sikhs in Punjab / India have improved vastly there is still reasons for the movement for seperatism to continue if only just to provide a warning that Sikh's should not be taken for granted or abused in indian society.

The other people who might be labelled fanataics are the ones who judge others without looking at themselves first. These are narrow minded people who dont know the first thing about what a Khalsa is and why 5 sins in Sikhism should always be avoided to stay in path of the guru's.

Sikhs from all over the world get abused by other Sikhs whether on nationality, caste lines or jatha or sejehdjari/keshdhari/amritdhari status..... and it's stupid and only through communication and understanding will we overcome these insignificant disputes. But I take it with a pinch of salt...if another Sikh looks down upon me cos in his/her mind I did not do something right then it is for them to explain to me in a polite and curtious manor if they abuse then hey wot kind of sikh are they in the first place....not a very good one right?

Anyways bro... do your thing let people judge you all they want. As long as you stay in gurmat no one can say jack to you.

Peace and love from British Punjabi Sikh dude :D