Monday, August 29, 2005

This weekend

This weekend was huge! Seriously there was so much going on and I have soooooo many pictures. First on Friday we had a Gurdwara to honor the guests that came to visit Española. Every year on the Siri Singh Sahib's birthday the community has hosted an event to honor him. This year the event was a memorial, we both celebrated his birthday and the anniversary of his death (which is coming up soon). The guests were here to honor him and his legacy.
Some people judge and slander the Siri Singh Sahib, but the reality is, he did a great service to humanity. It is really people on the fringe of society who are slandering him. Regardless of his personal life, or his personal actions, or the actions of people who tried to smear him and impugn our community his legacy is a great one. I never saw anything but greatness from him and I was very close to him when I was a child. Our community is the most uplifting and spirited place I've ever seen and having founded this community is enough for the Siri Singh Sahib to be remembered as a great man. Whether or not people accuse him of certain things, his teachings also are incredible. He taught us Sikh Dharma and he taught us a way of living to remain healthy, happy, and to strive to be holy. He brought us to the Guru!
I don't wish to receive any comments about him on this blog, because he was like a grandfather to me and I respect him very much. Further I don't wish to hear or see any slander on this site. It's here for positive reasons. I'm neither supporting nor denying anybody's opinion of him or 3HO, I'm simply sharing nice things in my life.
I'm sharing this because it is his legacy that was remembered this weekend and brought many great people together. Stay tuned for pictures...