Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Party Pictures

After the Gurdwara on Saturday I went to a party. Three girls that have lived here are moving away. Two are going to India and another to L.A. Most of the pictures are blurry because it was dark and everybody was moving.
Hari talking to Abinashi Kaur who is going to work at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar (Chherta Sahib).
One of my best friends Akal.
Ervin (Ram Das) from Mexico, Deva, and Siri Chand.
A view through the decorations.
Some people starting playing cards (not gambling, just for fun). You can see Balwinder in the background looking bored.
Learning cards.

Lakhmi Chand, talking to Sarab Jit who is moving back to India to continue studying raag.

Hari talking to Adi Shakti Kaur.

Lakhmi Chand Singh.

Guru Jot Singh, another member of the Sikhnet staff.

Me with the three girls that are moving away.
Narayan Singh looking pretty serious.

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Princess SJK said...


hey Prabhu...
I am back in Germany and just a few days away from India.
Thank you for creating this Blog I really like it and it´s a great way to stay connected with all of you in Espanola. Good job !!!!

With love,
Sarab Jit Kaur