Thursday, August 25, 2005

Info about Española (not too official)

These are the average temperatures in Española. They accurately reflect what you feel if you live here:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 44° 51° 58° 68° 78° 87° 90° 87° 81° 71° 57° 47°
Avg. Low 14° 20° 25° 32° 41° 48° 57° 54° 46° 34° 24° 15°
Mean 30° 36° 44° 51° 60° 68° 74° 71° 64° 54° 41° 31°
Avg. Precip. 0.4 in 0.4 in 0.6 in 0.6 in 0.7 in 0.7 in 1.6 in 1.9 in 1.3 in 0.9 in 0.6 in 0.5 in

As you can see the temperatures are pretty moderate. You can definitely feel and see four distinct seasons. Though weather can change instantly here. It can snow in the morning and feel warm in the afternoon. The first snow in Española is usually late October and usually the last snow will be in March or sometimes April. On rare occasions it has snowed in May and September. It will snow in the surrounding mountains in almost any month of the year. In the summer it will often be in high 80's and low 90's during the day. Though because the valley is a desert it is dry heat, so it is not that bad. It is rarely humid here, but it can be during monsoon season (right now) and near the river.

The Largest employer in Northern New Mexico is the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This is where I work. Most of the Sikhs in Española work for Sikh owned and operated businesses, the biggest being Akal Security, whose corporate headquarters are located near to the Gurdwara.
As far as the general economy of Española. Most of the money that supports Española comes from the Labs in Los Alamos. One of the largest employers in Española is the WalMart. If Sikhs wanted to start moving here, the jobs would be the hardest part. For one thing you pretty much have to be a US citizen to get a staff position at the Labs. Also there just aren't that many opportunities in Española. Though Sikhs are super industrious so I think we could create a big economy for Española. Already most of our community is employed by our Sikh owned/operated businesses. Anybody who wants to start another business in Española may be able to create jobs for lots of future Sikh residents. In this information age many jobs don't require you to actually be in any specific place and I think those can be the future jobs for Española. The median household income for Española is: $27,144 (year 2000). If you live with your family you can actually live on that much here, though you could never buy a house of your own.
It doesn't matter what you hear or see on the internet or appraisals or anything else, it's rare to find a good home here for less that $200,000 most nice ones start around $250,000. Santa Fe generates a lot of income from tourists and from arts. Los Alamos is built around the Labs, and both these towns/cities are getting filled up. Despite poverty in Española and people being displaced, real estate is likely to continue to go up for a while.
I wouldn't trust too much census data or other statistics found on the internet about Española becuase those statistics are generally based on the city limits, though most people think of Española as the city limits and much of the surrounding Rio Grande Valley. Other information on the internet about Española is fine, just not the statistics. The 2000 Census put the population of Española at 9,688, which is way off. The population is easily more than 3 times that. This has to be residents in the city limits, which I guess aren't that big.
I just found this site:
for info on Camping, Skiing, Lakes, National Parks, whitewater rafting. Though I noticed it is missing at least two close by Ski Basins, so it may not have that much complete information, but it does have a lot of info all in one place.
Any more questions, just ask and I'll try to answer them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Prabhu for providing stats on Espanola. Have you thought of running for public office. Maybe starting with the mayor of Espanola and finally taking Gov. Richardson's job.:)

BTW, what's up with GMS's blog. The link works but the window is blank.

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Manjit Singh said...

Thanks for these beautiful pictures Prabhu Singh. More great shots please!!

Prabhu Singh said...

Anon1: Well I'm generally quite aware of politics, but I have less and less interest in participating in them. It is such a dirty game. It seems GMS's blog was down for a couple days, but it's back now.
Anon2: Definitely Fahrenheit, I think you're probably joking with me, becuase nobody could live in 90 degree Celsius weather.
Manjit Singh: I'll keep taking as many photos as I can.

Anonymous said...

Los Alamos Labs are famous in making nuclear weapons.Does it mean that you are involved in keeping intact weapons of mass destruction arsenal!

Prabhu Singh said...

Los Alamos originally became famous for being a secret town where the first nuclear weapon was designed. I don't beleive they are really manufactured here. I work in High Performance Computing I have a masters in Computer Science. There are some of the top minds here doing some amazing scientific work. Nuclear weapons will be around whether I work for the labs or not.

Sikhi Seeker said...

Thanks for the stats - I was thinking of doing some search on my own:)