Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Here Goes

Well I'm finally posting the rest of the Wheeler pics. There are a lot of pictures here, and I even tried to narrow it down to the best.

Say 'Trail Mix'.

From this picture you can see peaks in Southern Colorado.

You can't tell from this picture, but if you click on it you might see the faint showing of a trail in the distance. The peak straight in front, is really really far away. We still had a long way to go from here.

Look how straight these trees seem to be.

This was not something I was expecting to see. In the background you can see another ski basin (not Taos ski basin) Angel Fire ski basin. I had a season pass to Angel fire a couple years ago. It was so much fun, I must have gone snowboarding over 20 times that year. They had a snowboard park at Angel fire with rails and a half pipe. I tried both plenty of times, though rails can hurt sometimes.
The first snow we touched.

Still not there yet.

Standing out in the middle of snow in July.
Simran standing in the snow.
I was joking with Simran that this wasn't officially named Mt. Walter, his family just came and put the sign. There were other people up there who started laughing. I made a few other wise cracks and I felt like a stand up comedian because I wasn't expecting so many random people to think my remarks were so funny.

You can see Truchas Peak (the second highest peak in New Mexico) in the distance. Truchas is just east of Española. Wheeler Peak is north (East of Taos).
You can see a little bit of Taos in the distance.
This is somebody's ranch I guess. Someday I will have a huge ranch in the mountains and I will have samagams and retreats and Sikh camps there.

My foot after sitting in vir asan while reading Jaap Sahib.

A little bit of rain between Wheeler and Truchas.
The view I had while reading my banis on Saturday.
Simran meditating at over 13,00 feet. He needed the hood because there were a bunch of bugs in the grass including a lot of flies.
Riding horses on the peaks.
A strange beetle that just wouldn't hold still for a good picture.
Raining on the other peaks.
People riding horses in the distance.
I think these rock formations may have formed from avalanches.

On the way back.
I guess this is how rivers start. You can't tell from the picture but the area carved by the snow is very large.

The sun was starting to set.

Driving home from Wheeler Peak.


xSHANTIx said...

Prabhu Ji those pictures are just STUNNING....that is such a beautiful place. Its nice that you did jaap up there it must have been an awesome experience...WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH!!!!!

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

Super Sikh

Underactive Sikh said...

I feel jealous! You're one lucky sikh with all that natural beauty around you.

sukhmani kaur said...

it's just hard believe this beauty is real!!!