Monday, August 15, 2005

Hari and Sita's Garden

Hari planted jujube trees last year and some have more than doubled in size, including this one. The jujube (aka the chinese date) is the same as the ber tree in India. They come from the deserts of Mongolia and survive on little water and love the sunshine. With the annual rainfall we get in Española they can survive and bear fruit. The fruit is really sweet.
The peach tree, this tree grows huge peaches the size of two fists.
One of the apple trees in the orchard, with a hammock tied to it.
Hari and Sita's garden. In case I forgot to mention Hari and Sita live below an irrigation ditch and that is how they water their trees and plants.
Beet greens. Everybody in Española has had grasshopper problems this year. Three of the four forsythia plants that I planted at my place this year were killed by the grasshoppers.
The first tomato turning red. Hari thinks the big tomatoes didn't survive, only the cherry tomatoes made it.
Basil, you can almost taste it from this picture.
Anyone for some cucumber?
There were still a couple plums on the plum tree, though they were starting to dry up.
Another plum.
The apples are almost ripe. Growing up with access to home grown organic apples, I've never been able to eat apples from the stores. Hari's planning to preserve some apples through the winter this year by drying them out.


Anonymous said...

that just made me really hungry :-p

Anonymous said...

Where are Hari and Sita?

Hari Singh Khalsa said...

I'm here, checking out the blog everytime my bro makes updates. But if you mean geographically, Sita and I live just a 15-30 second walk from the Española Gurdwara, about a mile from Prabhu. Or if you mean in the pictures, well, I was there that day and I was the one to encourage him to take the pictures of the garden. Sita, doesn't spend much time on the computer, and I think she may have never even visited this blog yet. I think I'll have to direct her to it soon, maybe tonight if I get the chance.