Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Going Up

Can you spot the butterfly?

On the trail, at this point there's still a long way to go.
Some mushrooms growing in the forest.
This flower is commonly known as the 'Indian paintbrush' you can find it here in the desert and the mountains.

My hiking companions. On the left is Simran Singh and on the right is his mother Hari Nam Simran Kaur. They coordinated the trip, but I was the only other person to respond to their invitation. I guess everybody was busy that day. As we got going Simran and I got ahead because we were keeping a pretty fast pace.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures Prabhu. I'd love to print and frame a few of them (oops...no printer right now tho'...maybe I could let you know my favorites and you could print them sometime.) It's so beautiful there. Keep up the good work (maybe you should work for NM Tourism Dept...ha!) Love, Mataji

Gurujot said...

hey prabhu, what's your email address? email me at gurujot@sikhnet.com

Anonymous said...

you should have sent out more invitations, some of us didn't get it.