Monday, August 29, 2005

Friday's Gurdwara

On Friday we had a Gurdwara to honor the guests that came to visit. The most prominent guests were Jathedar of the Akal Takht, Joginder Singh Vedanti, and Jathedars of Anandpur Sahib and Patna Sahib. I don't like to disturb the Gurdwara or move around too much, so my pictures are from where I was sitting in Gurdwara and they're not the greatest quality.
If I'm not confused, this is the jathedar of Bangla Sahib.
I forget who this man is, I just wanted to get a picture of all the people who were invited to speak and address the community.
Sardar Didar Singh Bains from California. He is definitely a prominent American Sikh.
I forget this man's name, I believe he is a member of the SGPC.
I believe this man's name is Nazzar Singh, he is from California.
Jethedar of Patna Sahib.
Another picture of the Jethedar of Patna Sahib. In the background you can see Hari Dharam Kaur, our head granthi, then Sat Pal Singh, son in law of Siri Singh Sahib and Bibiji, husband to Kamaljit Kaur, also Bhai Avtar Singh.
Jethedar of Anandpur Sahib.
Bhai Swaran Singh of Bhai Avtar's Jetha, standing in front of the Guru.
Jethedar of Akal Takht, Joginder Singh Vedanti.

My perspective. This is where I was sitting and took all my shots from here.

I have so many pictures including more of the Gurdwara I'll be getting them up soon.


Anonymous said...

Prabhu Singh,

It would be great if you can also comment on what their message was to the sangat. Its a honor to have all prominent sikh leaders from india as well as from united states.

Anonymous said...

i 2nd what anon 10.16AM said

Anonymous said...

Prabhu singh,

I believe that you were born and raised in the US. You might have felt lot of peer pressure and pressure from the society about your descision regarding your beliefs. If you wish, can you give some insight the difficulties that you faced or have been facing as a sikh? the reason I'm asking this question is that it would give us perspective and strength to keep the bana or sikh youth who have given into peer pressure and have lost the bana and they could restore their bana....


Prabhu Singh said...

Yes I have faced many difficulties in life. I've had to deal with every kind of hurtful, deceitful, abusive, damaging, life-threatening situation I could think of. Such is life. If I didn't deal with it all as a kid, I'm sure I would have faced it all at some point any way. I realized nothing was going to be easy for me and I also realized there was one thing that no matter what could not hurt me, but could actually help me at all times and that is the Guru. So I did not wish to abondon the only thing that I had, and still do have, that is perfect. Cowardice acheives nothing. Even if I had abonded the Guru's roop, I still would have been a different race than all my schoolmates any way. I was made fun of for everything I did or said. As a child I was never once accepted for who I am. I was always going to be the wrong race and the wrong religion and everything that I did was going to be wrong and bad. This was my life. There was one refuge and I still take refuge with the Guru today. I do not have the inner strength so that nobody can affect my self-esteem, but at this point, most can't affect it and no one can challenge my resolve to live as Khalsa. My head belongs to the Guru and my heart follows the purity that is Sikh Dharma. Everything else is secondary.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your reply. I will tell you my story the difficulties that I faced during my junior high school years and How Guru ji Protected me from hundreds of students.

thank you

Sikhi Seeker said...

You are a very brave soul Prabhu Singh. But you kept the legacy as a child and as an adult: leadership. You are someone, that several others can look upto. I shall sure be one of those.
Waheguru Fateh!!