Monday, August 22, 2005

Friday Evening

Last week we gathered as a sangat at various people's homes to meditate and we will be continuing this week. We are remembering the Siri Singh Sahib as his birthday is August 26th. We gather as a sangat at different times of the year for various reasons. I love it, it is so nice to come together as a sangat and chant and meditate and sing kirtan. On Friday after the chanting was done we had food and I took pictures. It was at the home of Daya Singh and Sat Nirmal Kaur (it was Sat Nirmal's birthday as well).
What is the best result when you mix Punjabi and American? Children! This is Sat Kartar Kaur with her American grandmother.
Lakhmi Chand Singh again looking good.
Santokh Singh a name that fits him well.
Hari Kaur from Trinidad, Santokh Singh's wife.
Well somebody asked me where is Hari and Sita? The picture is a little blurry but at least I got them.
Ek Ong Kar Kaur and Guruka Singh.
Siri Chand Singh asking me if I'm taking his picture.
Guru Jot Singh unaware that I'm taking his picture, it's too bad it's also blurry.
It was a pretty good showing for Friday's chanting, 50 at least.
Mukhia Jethadar Amrit Singh Khalsa. If you can't tell from the picture, he is a really big man, like the gentle giant. He is a really great man, who does a lot of seva.
Just when he was eating cake I snapped a photo, though it came out blurry. This is a nice young man from Tennessee who I just met last week, though we're already friends. His Punjabi friends told him he couldn't be Justin Singh and started calling him Justinder so that is what he goes by.
Hari Bhajan Kaur and Siri Om Kaur. Usually the blurry shots are because I move my hand a little while holding the camera, but I think there was motion in this shot.
Lakhmi Chand took this photo of Seva Kaur the artist. She is a really talented artist, most people have probably seen the painting of the Sikh woman sitting in Vir Asan meditating and holding a Khanda.
Siri Deva Singh talking to Har Pal Singh. Har Pal is another tall guy who plays ultimate frisbee. He says he doesn't like guarding me because I'm fast, and I said I don't like guarding him because he's fast also and his long steps means when he changes direction he can start to get away from me real fast.
Chile Ristras and vigas, I love Southwestern architecture and want to build a southwestern palace someday for my future family and Sikh visitors.


Siri Dyal K said...

Beautiful pictures!!! ...Sometimes when takings a deep breathing you can reach the soul of
those you are loving... and then your love and devotion cross the borders of the world to
arrive at them heart...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

BTW, like Justinder, there is a Paulinder Singh in my town.

Sikhi Seeker said...

(for your closing wish)