Thursday, August 11, 2005

First Dumalla

After Gurdwara on Sunday Guru Jot showed me how to tie a dumalla. This is the first dumalla I tied. It was a little too long, so I've since cut it down a little. I'm still practicing. I think I need one more lesson, because I haven't quite got the technique when unsupervised. I think I'm getting close though.
Side note: I thought it would be funny to curl my mustache, I can't usually keep it curled very long.


Anonymous said...

i think the darmalla looks wicked, i say stick with it :)

Anonymous said...

Looks really good *thumbs up*

Angad Singh said...

Sat Nam Prabhu,

I too just started tying a dumalla. Yours is real good. The Bigger the better!

Great Blog and Amazing Pics.

Guru Ang Sang!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Prabhoooo! u look much better in a dumala! it suits u, u have that kharkoo look :) suits u alot. love the size too.

Deffo stick to it

Anonymous said...

Use Clubman's moustache wax to keep those whiskers twirled up. You can order them from

Sikhi Seeker said...