Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I think Gurumustuk and I have seemed to converge on slowing down the blogging. He is online so much I think he needs to slow down just to get a break. I just put tons of material up and haven't gotten a lot of new material yet. I'm sure I'll get more material. I think most people who come to this blog don't even click on the pictures. The small pictures (dictated by don't do justice often times. A lot of the pictures turn out just fine smaller, though my opinion is that ALL the land and sky pictures have to be seen full size otherwise they are diminished.
I've noticed that a lot of other Sikh bloggers have slowed down. The initial hype has died down and the momentum is slowing to an easier pace.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say as a 2nd generation Sikh, that I have immense pride in my gora Sikh brothers, people like you are the reason why Guru Ji gave his 4 sons for the Panth.

God Bless you prabhu Singh veerji.

Anonymous said...

Also did you do kirtan at Dasmesh Darbar in Surrey?

Prabhu Singh said...

That is a really nice complement. I'm just a simple Sikh trying to do my best. I'm also a 2nd generation Sikh.
I've actually only played kirtan in public twice. Once at the Dallas samagam earlier this year and once at the L.A. samagam earlier this year. I have been practicing kirtan for a while, but I just felt nervous about playing in public. I've never been to Surrey. I'm hoping to play kirtan at the next samagam that I go to. I've been practicing some new shabads on the harmonium. I will soon be learning the Dilruba and hopefully in the future I will play that. I want to learn a lot of the traditional Gurbani in the correct raag and play it when ever I can.

Gurumustuk Singh said...

Can't blog all the time. haha... have to actually work and spend time with the family.

I think intially it was the introduction and hype of blogs for everyone so there was a lot of activity. Not only have we slowed down...but the readers have slowed a little too (at least the commenting)

I'm sure it will go in waves depending on what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Prabhu Singh Ji, good luck with Raag Kirtan :)

Anonymous said...

your doing a fab!! job.. the blogs are very intresting especially for a non sikh like me!

i read ur blog ever day!!... it dam so good.. probebly the best on the net.

see up the good work fols!