Friday, August 19, 2005

After the Akand Path

Well this time I only read for an hour in the Akand path. It was a good thing though because I was almost falling asleep again towards the end of my hour 10:00 - 11:00 PM. After the akand path I went outside and the moon looked cool. So I took some pictures.

The above picture was taken from my house, the rest were taken near the Gurdwara.


Anonymous said...

Is Akand Paath done everyday in Espanola?

Prabhu Singh said...

The Akand Paath is done once a week in Española. It's been going on for more than 20 years, probably closer to 30 or more. I try to read at least once a week. I went a number of years with the capability of reading Gurmukhi very slowly. This was before I received Amrit and started reading my Banis everyday. One year I started reading in the Akand Paath weekly and after a few months I was very fluent in Gurmukhi.
When the community was founded very few people knew Gurmukhi but they really wanted to do an Akand Paath so they did it in English. We still do this so that anybody can participate. Readers chose to do English or Gurmukhi. I generally read the whole time in Gurmukhi.
I know some people will think it is totally wrong to do an Akand Paath in English, but that is their problem. It is a blessing to participate in the Akand Paath and it is great that many people have the ability to participate. There is no way we could have started this sacred tradition here and kept it up for 30 years if we had limited it. God surely knows all languages, it is obviously different than a traditional Akand Paath, but it is still sacred and important to a lot of people.

xSHANTIx said...

i was jus taking pictures of the moon here too lol its huuuuuuge tonite i think i see werewolves! ahhhhhh :D heheh nice pics

Anonymous said...

Though I live in NYC, I do often appreciate looking at the few stars and celestial phenomena that are viewable from here. I did notice that the moon looked particularly beautiful in its setting the past few days and it was nice to see the same in New Mexico. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Prabhu, I had asked Gurumustuk the following question on his blog:

Gurumustuk -

When you get a chance, someday maybe you could blog some information on Espanola, the city itself. Information such as jobs, real estate, economy, temprature etc. I bet there are many sikh families living in the US (outside of new mexico) that would be interested in moving there because they would be comfortable living surrounded by so many people of their own religion.

Just an idea.

Thanks for writing and posting interesting articles on your blog.


Gurumustuk Singh said...
That's a good point. Maybe Prabhu Singh can post some info on his blog. He is born and raised here and knows the in's and out's of Espanola

Prabhu can you blog the above info and do that on Gurumustuk blog's also. Thanks!

Also, I like the pictures that you post of yourself looking serious. They are hillarious! You are a funny guy!!! hahaha.

MMMMMM said...

Very glad to see your blog site. Today is my frist time seeing ur site. I got the link from Gurumustuk's weblog.

Waheguru Bless you

Prabhu Singh said...

In order:
Shanti: Will we see some of your pictures of the moon on your blog?
Anon from NYC: You should see the full moon here when it is on rising above the mountains on the horizon, it appears HUGE, I didn't have my camera with me the last time I had the opportunity to get that shot (a month ago), and I've since kept the camera in the car.
Anonymous request for info: When I find a little time I'll post something on my blog (I'll do it this week)
Amarpreet: I saw your blog as well and it is nice.
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.