Thursday, August 18, 2005

Abiquiu Lake

A few weeks back a whole bunch of people went to Abiquiu lake after Gurdwara.
The whole group in Abiquiu.
Another shot of the whole group.
Akal diving off of one of the really high cliffs.
You're almost there.
Sat Pavan Kaur from Chile, who took all these pictures, and Abinashi Kaur who is going to work at Miri Piri Academy this year.
Lakhmi Chand, Mr. cool
Get ready...

Hari Jot Singh diving off the really high cliff.
What a dive!
The perfect finish.
Look at all the people who jumped. You can be sure I'm one of those heads popping out of the water. I jumped a lot that day, though a few bad entries when jumping off the really high one can encourage you to stick to the lower cliffs.


xSHANTIx said...


the thing i like most about your blog is that it shows how people can be religious AND have a lot of fun too....people generally think that those who follow a spiritual path become distant from reality and withdrawn.....but its soooooo not true..its so nice to see Singhs and Kaurs "letting their hair down" excuse the pun....your picture are proof that you CAN believe in God and you CAN have fun..anyways nice pics :D

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Anonymous said...

i think the Singh of African origin's whose Afro is sticking out, looks wicked in that pic :), both brothers look like dons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats some crazy dive pics

Nirmal Kaur (Kelly in Cali) said...

I was blessed with living in Espanola a few years ago and miss it everyday. Seeing all the pictures of friends that used to be brings a smile to my face! Wish you all the best.

Indy The Piper said...

Thats so cool
diving off the cliff and all
i wish i was there joining in all that FUN


Anonymous said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

RArrrrrr u guys having too much fun... what abt me, i feel left out :-( lol

Amazing pics....

Anonymous said...

where are the Singhs' Kirpans?

Prabhu Singh said...

What about the Kaurs? You're not curious where their kirpans are?
First I would have to say that not everybody in these pictures is Amrit Dhari. As you can see some are not even Sikhs with kaysh. I didn't ask anybody that day where their kirpan was so I'm not sure who was wearing it and who wasn't. Although I wear my kirpan and my turban at almost all times of my life. When I swim and play sports my kirpan is nearby. I tried wearing my kirpan at all times, until one day I was playing frisbee and I dove for the frisbee. I landed right on top of my kirpan which could have potentially been facing upward and stabbed me in the leg. I took this as a sign from Guru Ji that I cannot be fanatic about it and I have to be practical. I was extremely lucky that my kirpan did not come unsheated and stab me, but that it merely bruised me badly.
At the lake I had my kirpan with my backpack. When playing sports I have my kirpan next to my water bottle on the side lines. I know some people probably don't like the idea of me taking my kirpan off, but that is not my problem. There are times when I have to leave it nearby. Swimming, sports, airplanes, and sleeping are the times that I cannot wear a kirpan. I've woken up with bruises from rolling on top of my kirpan during the night, so I keep it next to my bed. I can still play some sports with my kirpan, but most I can't. I don't want to try to get on an airplane with my kirpan I don't need that kind of trouble. I wear a kara on each hand and they each have some weight to them. On one of the jumps off the cliff, upon entry into the water my kara managed to hit the back of my hand extremely hard, which left it sore and bruised for a whole week. As a result I had to take one of my karas off as well.
I have written about my perspective, if you don't agree, I don't mind, but you have to allow for everybody's opinion. If we were not allowed to remove our 5 k's on occasion it would have been a kurehit, which it is not. You cannot break your Amrit by not wearing a kirpan on occasion. I have so much respect for my kakars, if I wear them even when it is impractical or dangerous in some cases, I've turned the practice of wearing them into a ritual. I wear a real kirpan because it is the bringer of grace and defender of honor, not just because I have to.
Sat Nam.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Prabhu Singh Ji,

The way i talk, when i say Singhs, it includes Singhnees as well.

Your following quote really surprises me:

"If we were not allowed to remove our 5 k's on occasion it would have been a kurehit, which it is not"

Does it say that stealing is a Kurehat? Does that mean we can do that? Does it say that missing Nitnem is a Kurehat? Can we miss that? I didn't say that taking Kakkars off is a Kurehat, but is is against Rehat.

I don't like it when people say these sorts of comments ("where does it say in Guru Granth Sahib about so and so etc etc"...we just want to question everything!

think about this: if you really wanted, you can argue almost anything and say that it is ok to do.(or convince yourself its ok)

read the following Rehatnama:

shasathreheen eih kabehoo(n) n hoee || rehithava(n)th khaalas hai soee ||
He who never abandons his weapon (Kirpaan). Recognise them as the disciplined and pure Khalsa.

or how about this:

gliee sukee kaashh paae leae || kaashh dhae pou(n)achae dhaa sikh visaah naa karae

Whether the washed Kasheraa is wet or dry it should be put on. When removing the Kasheraa only one leg should be removed and put into the new Kasheraa.

With all do respect, we are not allowed to remove our Kakkars at all, even at night. They are our Angs, at all times. This is, i beleive, old Maryada, passed down throughout the centuries. Kirpans must always be worn...This is what the Panj Piaray told me (although the ONLY exception is on airplanes because we have no choice whatsoever)

Prabhu Singh said...

Obviously my comment about other people's opinions did not penetrate. I just want to let you know that this is not a blog for political agendas. I'm glad that you are so enthusastic. It is with the utmost respect that I treat my kakkars. In that way I don't wish to disrespect them and turn them into ritual, meaningless articles. It is in that spirit that I wear a functional kirpan. I don't wish to dive or sleep on or get injured by my own functional kirpan, this is ridiculous.
"I didn't say that taking Kakkars off is a Kurehat, but is is against Rehat."
This statement indicates to me that you care more about forcing your opinion on others than respecting your fellow Khalsa! This statment, because it doesn't make sense (Kurehat means 'against the rehat'), shows that you are simply writing out of reaction to my statements. Your emotional attachment to your way of doing things simply allows you to react and see things from your narrow scope and doesn't allow for others.

"I don't like it when people say these sorts of comments ("where does it say in Guru Granth Sahib about so and so etc etc"...we just want to question everything!

think about this: if you really wanted, you can argue almost anything and say that it is ok to do.(or convince yourself its ok)"

I agree with your comments, I don't like excuses either! Because you see things from your perspective you have thought of my comments in the same vein. When I wrote that comment I didn't think of it in line with the other statements that you don't like, because I'm a different person. Though I believe as Sikhs we're required to question everything! The Guru didn't empower us so that we accept everything blindly. There are thousands of rehits and I won't accept one blindly!
A couple more points: I believe that Guru Gobind Singh gave us the 5 K's as gifts to improve our lives. I don't think he ever meant for these gifts to restrict our life, they're meant to enhance. I already wrote that I don't wear a kirpan becaues I have to, I wear it because I love it and I want to.
It is your love for your kakkars that you feel strongly about them. It is my love for my kakkars that I treat them respectfully. I do not wish for my sacred kirpan to become rusted while swimming with it. Neither do I want my sacred kirpan to injure the Sikh who wears it! This is not the point of the kirpan! It is to serve.
We are two Sikhs here. We could get along because we both have love for the Guru and respectfully follow the Guru's Dharma. Or we could argue. I don't want to argue and I don't want to hate. I would rather all Sikhs find unity in service towards humanity. You and I could be best friends, but I can assure you one thing: I'm clear on my path, I relate directly to the Guru. If you wish to judge me for being different then we certainly would not get along.
If you take nothing away from this post remember one point I made, when I make certain decisions about my kakkars, including the rare occasions when I keep them nearby and not worn, I do it out of respect!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say Bujjar Kurehat. It is not a Bujjar Kurehat...although we disagree on this topic...i have alot of respect for you.

I also think we shouldn't question everything that Guru Ji says, because there are certain things that are simply beyond our comprehension.

Anonymous said...

another quote from Dasam Granth:

"The following five K’s are the mark of Sikhi.These five can never be parted from the body. Kara, Kirpan, Kashera, Kangha, recognise these as four of them.The fifth is Kesh, without which the other four are useless. There are also four H’s which must be avoided. Understand this without any doubt, no lies have been told. Hukka, taking tobacco (including any other type of intoxicants). Hajamat, removing of hair. Halalo, eating meat. Haram, adultery (sexual relationships outside of marriage). These are the four H’s. Dyeing of beards (including any other body hair), and the wearing of mehndi (including other types of make up) are strictly forbidden."
(Sri Dasam Granth)


sikh said...

Annon 4:56:19pm ji,
Can u give the exact ang and rachna in which guru ji mentioned that. I think it is not mentioned in dasam granth ji but it is mentioned in one of the rehitnama. Can u please clarify?
Your link doesn't give the exact rachna in which guru ji wrote that.
Are u sure its not frm bhai nand lal rehitnama?

Prabhu Singh said...

I've never heard of such things in the Dasam Granth either and I searched as best I could for a long time and could not find this any where in the Dasam Granth. I'm not trying to start an argument obviously, but I can't find this any where.
Also I wanted to clarify about questioning everything. I don't mean to question anything in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. I mean everything that has not been revealed to us from the Guru directly deserves to be questioned, even rehit namas that are written by different people or sects.

Anonymous said...

it clearly says "Asfokat Svayay, Sri Dasam Granth at the end

sikh said...

dasam granth is divided in to many rachnas like:
bachitar natak
krishen avtaar
choubis avtaar
jaap sahib
akal ustat
gyan prabodh
...any many more.

Can u provide me the exact rachna where this rehit is quoted. As far as I know this is from rehitnama of bhai nand lal or bhai desa ji. I may be wrong but please provide me the exact place where guru ji mentioned it.

Prabhu Singh said...

I looked for this svayay and every word in it, just about. I need a page number. I don't believe that it is in the Dasam Granth.
I've never found any of the Guru's writing to be so specific (in this case menial). I could definitely be wrong, but I've never heard that dyeing beards was even done back then.
We all know that misquoting or mis-representing the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is really wrong. Misrepresenting anything as the Guru's writing is a dangerous precedent. People can base their whole opinion about the 5 k's on this statement.
I have read something very similar to this (probably a different tranlation of the same thing) before and it was not attributed to the Guru.

Anonymous said...


Prabhu Singh said...

By using the equivalent of shouting (all caps) on my blog it is evident that you are not a person of peace.
You are judgemental and fanatic and I don't have time for the likes of you. I think this ritualistic practice (in my opinion idiotic) began way after Guru Gobind Singh.
I'm here on the internet with almost everything about me in full view and you cannot even post your name! If your opinions are so important, at least give your name!
I know who you are anyway. If you don't have something nice to stay, get off my blog.
Why do I need to ask an older cherdi kala Sikh? I've asked the Guru directly, so many times. Do you want to tell me that the hukamnamas that I receive from Siri Guru Granth Sahib (The Guru of the Sikhs) are not correct. When I directly receive words saying that the Guru has arranged all my affairs and that the home of God is where I dwell, that these are in fact wrong? Guru Ji is wrong? Do I need to ask again? I get similar responses every time. So get off my back! Learn some humility or you will never ever ever discover the truth of Sikhi.
What a disrespect to our sacred beliefs, to the sacred uniform of the Khalsa, to be such a judgmental fanatic!

sikh said...

Annon ji I just need proper reference. Give me proper reference of the rehit u posted. Why r u shouting now? Come through proper channel , the channel of guru ji, the channel of thruth and wisdom. Give me proper reference.

Anonymous said...

ok...1st of all, i apologize for the 'yelling'. Actually, i didn't mean it in a yelling way. The way i meant it was sort of like "this is my final word"...sorry if it came across the wrong way.

Ok, i guess we disagree. But don't think its right being called a fanatic just because i feel that the Kirpan should not be removed. i think its unfair to be called that because i disagree with you. Why is it that when someone speaks up or disagrees with something, he/she is automatically considered a fanatic?

Respect...sorry for any mistakes i have made (maybe i'm wrong, i dunno, only Guru Ji knows)

Prabhu Singh said...

You can speak up and disagree all you want. Sikhs are free and we're accepting of all people. I said that you were a fanatic because you delivered an ultimatum, and you're not willing to respect other people's opinions. If you disagree with something go ahead and speak up, but do it with grace. I used harsh words because I take a strong stance with hard liners.
For reference, what I find idiotic is the ritual of keeping one leg in one kachera while putting the other on, I will not change my opinion on this either. I think it is great if you keep your 5 k's on at all times. I wear mine almost always, but there are times that for practical reasons I need to respectfully remove them (except the Kaysh of course). It is out of respect.
Seriously Sikh Dharma is about duty, not ritual. It is about a love and respect for fellow humans, not judgement and arguments. If you want to judge somebody, keep it to yourself. If you feel it is really important and you simply can't keep it to yourself, say it with humility. And if the other person still disagrees let go of it. This is one of the lessons of Guru Tegh Bahadur's matyrdom: Even physical torture and death cannot convince somebody to change their faith. If somebody disagrees with you on an aspect of Sikhism, let it go. It's not your job to keep all Sikhs in line (with your ideals).
If I was ignorant it would be different, you could respectfully talk to me about the 5 k's, but I'm not ignorant. I know what it means to be a Sikh, that is my life. I've gone to the Guru on so many issues and received wisdom directly from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Good luck on your spiritual journey.

Anonymous said...

"For reference, what I find idiotic is the ritual of keeping one leg in one kachera while putting the other on, I will not change my opinion on this either."

OMG- i can't believe you said that! If you don't believe in that, please keep it to yourself, you don't need to say this is idiotic because i think that MOST Gursikhs in the world change there Kasheras this way (atleast all the ones i know do, and i believe it is common because i know people from different 'jatha bandhees' that practice this as well). And it is also mentioned at Amrit Sanchars as well. Just because someone told you this is wrong, does not make it so. And to say it is idiotic? Singh Ji please don't say it like that, Punj Piaray at Amrit Sanchars tell you this (they did when i took Amrit).

gliee sukee kaashh paae leae || kaashh dhae pou(n)achae dhaa sikh visaah naa karae

Whether the washed Kasheraa is wet or dry it should be put on. When removing the Kasheraa only one leg should be removed and put into the new Kasheraa.

Rehatnama Bhai Chaupaa Singh Jee

ps- just because someone tells us something, does not make it so. And that goes for me too. But we should not say it is 'idiotic', because some things are beyond our understanding, and what if, after all is said and done, this actually is Rehat of changing Kashera?

Take care Singh Ji


Prabhu Singh said...

Well I should clarify one more time, especially since I'm using strong words. For me it would be idiotic to ritualize things that are sacred to me. These 5 k's which are totally sacred, are gifts in my life and I don't want to demean them by practicing meaningless rituals involving them.
If these rituals have meaning to others that's fine with me, but to me they hold nothing. I don't want to hinder my process of changing clothes. I don't want my kachera to be something obstructive in my life, for me that's plain wrong. I had heard of this practice but I've still never met anybody in person who does this. So who can say if this is the majority practice?
You keep saying this is THE rehit. Who's rehit? Your rehit? It's not mine. I know what is rehit. We as Sikhs should recognize Guru Gobind Singh's rehit. We all share the same basics, Guru ji did not hinder us with such specifics he left it up to the individual.
As long as I'm laying it all out on the table, another practice I simply don't agree with is the Brahamanical practice of not sharing food with those who are not Amrit Dhari. I sit in the same langar lines as everybody else and I'll eat any food that is offered to me in love, whether the person is Amrit Dhari or not. I don't care which sant or baba or bhai ji said that you can only eat food that is prepared by Amrit Dharis, the Guru never said any such thing. The Guru did say "truth is high, still higher is truthful living." I'm being true to myself, but more importantly true to the Guru. In most cultures including Indian, if somebody offers you food and you don't take it, they think that you think you are better than them. I don't think I'm better than anybody and I don't want my actions to reflect arrogance.
Besides, unless you grow and pick all your food yourself, you are eating food that is prepared (in some way) by people who are not Amrit Dhari.

Anonymous said...

you have never heard of anyone who changes Kashera one leg at a time? hmmm...thats strange, because i have never met anyone who DOESN'T do this, and i know ALOT of people. I guess it all comes down to what we learn from people around us. People can be wrong you know...maybe i'm wrong...i don't know.

I think this is just down to you and me Singh (nobody else probably reads this particular post anymore) you have your views, i have mine, lets BOTH be open and try to learn from each other, and lets not just rule things out immediately because if we use OUR minds, and use OUR thinking, then this is called 'manmat', but if we follow Guru Ji, this is called 'Gurmat' (i mean the last few sentences just as much to me, as i do to you. Take care brother...I have extreme love for you, you are my brother...we are children of the same lets get along. I apologize for anything i have said that was out of line...and since i have not attained a high Avasta, maybe there are things i said that were wrong? I just speak about what i hear from people around me, as you do.

I think we (myself especially) need to keep in mind that:

"Pulan Andhar Sub Ko, Apul Guru Kartar" (Everybody can make mistakes, only Guru Ji is perfect)

sometimes we just automatically believe anything that someone we respect alot says. Only Guru Ji knows the Truth...i know nothing..jsut trying my best, and i know you are too...take care Bro.