Monday, August 08, 2005

6th of the Month

On the 6th of every month we have a Gurdwara to remember the martyrdom of the Akal Takht. I love going to Gurdwara so I love when we have extra Gurdwara programs. This weekend was particularly nice. I was in Gurdwara Saturday evening then in the early morning on Sunday to do ishnaan seva and then again in the later morning to attend Gurdwara.
A view of the Langar hall and Gurdwara grounds from the path below. I was walking to the Gurdwara from my brother's house.
A view of the sky on the way to Gurdwara.
The langar hall and Gurdwara.
Some flowers along the path of the langar hall.
A nice work of art.
I just pulled the camera out of my pocket and clicked the next two pictures without aiming or viewing the shot. I thought this approach might give a view of what I was seeing while sitting in the Gurdwara. Hari is the one in Kesri sitting in front of me.

The young raagi (Ram Das Singh) who played Kirtan during the gurdwara. He is really talented, he has been studying with the same teacher as the Cherdi Kala jetha.
Hari took a picture of me doing the ardas. I'm usually pretty confident with all that I do, but for some reason in the Gurdwara I get real nervous. I was totally nervous doing the ardas. Later Balwinder paid me a nice complement when he said that you couldn't tell that it was a Gora reading it, because I have good pronunciation. I never went to school in India, so I make strong efforts to learn everything to the best of my ability.
Shabad Singh and Balwinder (Bhai Ji). Shabad is the first Sikh in Ecuador. After taking this picture he mentioned that another man from Ecuador received Amrit last year in the first Amrit sanchar in South America. The one at the Chilean yoga festival. So now there are two people with turbans in the whole country of Ecuador. This picture was taken after Gurdwara ended and the Guru was in Sukhasan (just before going to the langar hall for langar).


xSHANTIx said...

Prabhu ji ur blog is a pleasure to read...thanks for sharing with us...the ishnan seva looks wonderful its great you take part in it...if theres anytime you feel like doing any extra cleaning you know our kitchen could always do with a mop over, then theres the bathroom and well the hall and and..heheh im just joking...ur seva for ur community is very honourable..keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful pictures. :D SAT NAM

Anonymous said...

Martyrdom of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib?

Is that in refereence to the demolishing of the Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib in June 1984

Anonymous said...

Prabhu Singh,

Can I ask you something what are your thoughts regarding the 1984 anti-sikh riots in india and the news of the report published a day ago which again failed to give the victims of the carnage any justice?

And what have you done in regards to helping your fellow Sikhs who have suffered and are suffering under the Indian state?


Harvi Singh

Gurumustuk Singh said...

Harvi...for more info about this click here

Anonymous said...

Thanx Gurumustuk but it's not very active and not much related to todays date. Because this commission which white washed the guilty of anti-sikh riots have once again proved Indian democracy is a joke and its judicial system is a even sicker joke. Therefore one comes to the conclusion the only way to get justice is by our own hands. International community turns a convient blind eye to these horrors on the Indian Sikhs, which is another injustice.

The reason why i asked those questions was because I'm fascinated by black and white converts to Islam joining a jihad against their enemies and I started to wonder if Sikh brothers from different ethnicities have ever joined or supported militant / seperatist groups to avenge the wrongs done to their brothers and sisters in India by the government and it's paramiltary forces.

I have seen some pics of a Nepalese Sikh guy who was martyred while fighting Indian forces. And thought his sacrifice only makes our bond with nepalese Sikhs stronger becos they are willing to pay a blood price for the faith and help in times of crisis.

I just wanted to know if the bond of brotherhood amoung white western Sikhs and other Sikhs around the world was as strong enough to go into battle together if there ever came a time to do so. Or are most of you guys hippies with no real appettie to be soliders for to defend the faith and your Sikh brothers and sisters if there came a time to do so.

Forgive me if I have offended.


Harvi Singh

Harpreet Singh Gill said...

The best of Human Nature.

I turned on the TV his morning and flicked through the channels, and came across a man talking about his near-death experience. As I started to listen carefully to what he was saying, he said:

>>>Well there I was stung on the forearm by a jellyfish. I just managed to drag myself onto the beach and there I was trying to get myself together. I thought I would lie down for a second and as my eyes closed I heard a voice in my head "If you close your eyes son you never open them again" I looked to my left expecting to see a man, but there was no one there at all the beach was deserted. With great effort I got up onto my feet. My right leg was already paralysed. But I started to make my way towards a street where I saw some taxi cabs parked. I finally made it off the beach onto the street and propped myself up against a taxi. There were 3 Indian men standing there (the cab drivers). They said "Hey are drunk, you stoned White Man" I said "No I'm dying, I have been stung by a jelly fish” and showed them my forearm. They turned around and replied they already had fares lined up and began to walk away.

I shouted after them "please stop, I got to get to the hospital or else I am going to die” They kept walking. Suddenly I shouted "I give you money, money" one of the cab drivers asked how much, I said "anything 50, 200 bucks anything.” The cab driver held out his hand. I said I haven't got any money with me. All three cab drivers laughed, two of them lit up a cigarette and began to walk away.

Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head "Are you ready to beg for your life". So I got down on my knees behind them, lifted my right hand with the support of my left (my right arm was paralysed along with my right leg now) I pleaded with them to take me to the hospital. Two of them ignored me and kept walking; one turned around and looked at me. He decided to help, and put me in his taxi cab and drove towards the hospital.

In the cab, he started to ask me which hotel I was staying in, I replied that I lived in a bungalow in a village. Suddenly he got mad, he said that I was not a tourist and did not stay in a hotel. He said "Why you lie to me, why do this to me" and pulled over "GET OUT MY CAB". At this time both my legs were paralysed and said I can't. He got out, opened the passenger door and throws me out, but my feet still dangled in his cab. He grabbed my feet and throws them out as well and looked at me in disgust.

There I was on the street dying, and I thought I don't want to live in a world where a man's life is not worth 50 bucks.

I was lying in front of a Chinese restaurant, and the security guard came out to see if any customers had got out the taxi cab. He saw me on my last gasps. I recognised him as a fisher man who lived by me; he was my drinking buddies Daniel, who by the looks of things earned extra money working as a security guard. Daniel said "what’s wrong with you, what have you have you taken” I showed him my forearm and he understood. He picked me up and took me inside to the bar (which was closed, only the owners were their drinking and playing table games) and then Daniel disappeared. The Chinese owners came over towards me, and I showed them my forearm they said "OH No, you have been injecting yourself with the opium, shooting up hey" I replied no that I was stung by a jellyfish, they replied "We no understand you white man” and an old man brought some milk out for me and began to pour it down my throat (thinking I had swallowed something bad)

At this point I felt a cold shiver go through all my body and the muscles between my fingers began to spasm. The spasms spread through out my body and my jaw began to shiver so violently that I thought my teeth would smash up.
Out the corner of my eye, to the open fire exit back of the bar I saw a car, which must have belonged to the owners. I pleaded with them to take me to the hospital in their car or else I was going to die in front of them. One of them put his hand on my shoulder and said "Why you want to go in car, when we got nice ambulance coming for you."

At this point I was more angry than I ever been, I could still move my left arm a little, and I thought that I will pull him down with my left arm, and head butt him with my forehead.

Suddenly a voice said inside my head "Son you head butt him, and the adrenaline rush will kill you"

Then Daniel reappeared sprinting towards me with another security guard. They both held me up and took me into the car park out back. There I saw the headlights of an ambulance, the ambulance came towards us as slowed down, but seeing me held up by two men, the ambulance driver must have thought another couple of drunks, because he did not stop, but speeded up and began to turn in the carpark to go back out again. Daniel let go of me and ran after the ambulance, and managed to stop the ambulance.

Now I was in the ambulance on my way to the hospital which on route over a steep hill. Unfortunately, I had been put in the ambulance feet first, towards the driver’s seat, and head towards the back of the ambulance. Going up the hill, I felt all the blood rush to my head, and the poison had reached my brain and heart........<<<

And that was the end of P1 of the story and P2 was coming on some other time. But it gave me alot to think about.

For Havi's benefit
And for Prabhu Singh Khalsa Ji to add his two cents

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Je Ki Fateh

Prabhu Singh said...

"Or are most of you guys hippies with no real appettie to be soliders for to defend the faith and your Sikh brothers and sisters if there came a time to do so."
Harvi you say no offense, but why even speculate and write this kind of disrespectful question? What kind of soldier appetite do you want? My appetite is for Guru Ji and for God. My desire to be a soldier is to serve to the best of my ability, but I don't have an appetite for violence or revenge. Almost every Sikh in the west that I know has studied gatka or shaster vidiya in some form or another, including myself. I studied karate for more than 12 years as well.
Do you have any idea how many times I have had to defend myself, just to survive? Growing up, my life was threatened many times. You want to know what I've done for the victims. I've done the very best thing that I'm capable of doing and that is donate to nishkam. I don't know Hindi or Punjabi, I'm not a citizen of India, there's very little I can do to help that situation. I think the Indian government is a corrupt machine that can wipe out thousands of Sikhs without the world even noticing. They could wipe me out as well, and then where do I stand? The Hari Mandir Sahib was attacked when I was 4 years old, but you can believe that I would have stood by Bindranwale if I was there. I told my parents at that age that I would give my head to the Guru.
God placed me here. My destiny was not to be born in India. When I see so much suffering right next to me, I assume that it is my responsibility to serve locally first. Every Sikh may disagree with me, but I don't care. What has come to reside in my heart and mind is to serve to the best of my ability, and start with the people closest to me, until I have the capability to serve on a larger scale.
Imagine that I'm a parent. My perspective is that all children belong to God, but the children born to each of us is our own responsibility. God has made us the stewards of our own children. If I'm only capable of taking care of 1 child, will I take care of somebody else's child first? If I'm the parent, it is my responsibility to take care of my own child.
This is my approach to life and to seva. If there are people suffering right next to me and I can do something about it, I will, rather than spend my time fighting a battle that is out of my reach and out of my realm of capabilities. The only thing that is black and white is that it was wrong to attack the Hari Mandir Sahib and that it is wrong to kill innocents. Every other political agenda, including 'fighting for freedom', has been tainted and I can't say what the solution is and neither can I act as a soldier for a cause that I can't stand behind 100%. I think Sikhs should have sovereignity in every country of the world, rather than being limited to a specific geographic region. If Sikhs could wake up to the power given to them they could be running India, why limit ourselves to Khalistan?
There are too many issues here, and I haven't formed a full opinion about everything. I can only speak for myself and I can tell you I will stand as a soldier by any person, Sikh or not, if the cause is just.

Anonymous said...

Prabhu ji,

your are the Essence of sikhism, you are the true sikh, you are true lover of Guruji.. I no words how to praise you. You are a true khalsa....
may God give me strength to follow your foot steps.


Underactive Sikh said...



Anonymous said...

Bhai Prabhu Singh,

I respect you for what you have said and deeply admire your love for Sikhi.

I was only 3 when harmandir sahib was attacked and I had the privilage to visit it in 1984 and see the original akal takht and darbar sahib even though at 3yrs old I could not fully comperhand where I was. But I do recall the shimmering gold across the lake to this day... and it is a cherised memory.

I wish sometimes I could go back in time and be there to help defend darbar sahib from the sustained attacks from the enemies of humanity (anti-sikh forces)

If only guru ji had granted me that time I would have gladly given my life taking out as many of the enemy as I could before I met my glorious death and into shaheedi i would have gone with my head held high.

At the moment I see the suffering of my brothers and sisters who to this day since 21years have elapsed are crying for justice and I think to myself ...Indian govt has proved it wont give justice... as guru sahib has said "when all means for peace or justice have failed it is rightous to raise the sword"

I feel its fast nearing that time, where a stand must be taken.

I pray to Waheguru ji to give the victims strength and comfort... and to give the attackers of darbar sahib and killers of Sikhs a punishment so vivid that the whole world will witness it.


Harvi Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Je Ki Fateh

Anonymous said...

Harvi singh,
I admire the love you have for sikh community. may God bless you. But we need to understand that 21 years have past and we have not gained anything by force. History is the proof for this... Even muslims have been fighting at middle east for hundreds of years and they have been unsuccessful.

With " josh we need hosh". We need to connect with Guru's Naam. Once we do that then we will have the ability to share our thoughts, and unification of sikhs will result.

Tomorrows world is not of force, but of wisdom. As Guru says" Win your mind then the world is yours" Japji sahib. we need to understand the sacred word and attach to it, then Guruji will speak through all of us and we will have equality for every human being irrespective of their religion.

Guru Nanak Dev ji never favoured Hindus or Muslims but instead he said he belongs to those who will follow his teachings.

Now we have the choice to follow our Minds and neglect what Guru ji said, and the results are before us after 20 yrs. OR

we can unite under Guru's Naam and make our selves powerful through education, business and many other ways. Once we reach at the top then people will listen to us.

I like to say alot.

Keep this candle of love to sikhism burning in your heart. May Guru bless you


Underactive sikh said...

comments by prabhu and gurinder crystalise for me that as sikhs we should strive for both 'bir ras' and 'man niva mat uchi'

So being able to stand by a just cause and excelling in business/sport/education etc are all important.

We need the dhadi jathas, the Fauja Singhs (both of them!), the Ragis...


Anonymous said...

Underactive sikh..

You are right we need dhadi jathas, Ragis.... when I mention about eduacation; religious education ( philosophy) is also included.

we need to raise the standards of our religion education so that future generation is inclined to prusue their goals in these areas as well.


Anonymous said...

Harvi Singh as far as im aware the physical fighting is over, we may not have justice but after fighting oppression after 84 we need to use other channels to get justice.

I believe fighting physically should now only be a last resort because if we fight, they (whoever you percieve the enemy to be) will tarnish our reputation, many misuse these situations to their own political or monetory gain, physical fighting is a last resort.

what my biggest concern now is, protecting the Sikh identity, the Sovereighnity of Sikhi, the fight is no longer of the sword but of the 'Pen'. The RSS, Shiv Sena are rewriting our history calling Guru Tegh Bahadur a common thief & not the one who sacrified his life to protect Hinduism, they call us Hindu's, they say everyone in India must be Hindu, they say the Khalsa was formed ONLY to protect Hindu's, but we know it was to always stand up for justice by protecting ALL religions.

We need Naam, we need unity, we need to educate ourselves and remain strict in our Rehat.

if the time comes we should be prepared to give our lives but that time may not come so we should dedicate our lives to Sikhi by spreading the Gurbani of our Guru's because our youth is drifting away from Sikhi.

today we know what happened but they will change it to tarnish our Shaheeds, so we can't forget

the best thing we can do is spread the love of our guru's, remember our shaheeds and keep lobbying our Governments.

Harvi i share your pain, i don't have the answers but the answers probably lie somwhere between what you say and i

Anonymous said...

nothing is over in regards to 84. where were the white sikhs in 84? why weren't they at the Akal Thakat? Yogi bhajan was closely in touch with Indira Gandhi during the 80s. What did the whites do after the attacks? what did they do in the US? Did they go back to in india and call out for justice?

As far as i know, no they did't. creating some day to remember 84 is not enough. or labeling Akal Thakat as a sacrifice is not correct. it was attacked, that is only how it should be remember. the worse attack in history on a religious center.

I just think that sikhnet guy thinks what he is doing is enough for 84? do white sikhs that is enough? is calling Akal Thakat a sacrifice the perfect excuse to igonore the tragedy?

just some thoughts

Prabhu Singh said...

Get one thing straight in your head. I am not a white Sikh.
I am the son of Guru Gobind Singh!
You are a nindak.
You know so little and talk so big.
You are a coward. I have asked you to speak civilly to me, to tell me who you are and to write an email to me. I have invited you into my home even. Your actions show that of a racist, insecure and spiteful individual.
I will pray that Guru ji grants his grace on such a miserable person.
WaheGuru! God bless us all so that we may behave better towards everyone.
Future posts by you will be deleted, I will accept email correspondence from you or you may come to visit me in my home.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the invite. but in the last post i was not attacking your approach to Sikhi, I was questioning the involvement or lack involvment of White sikh during and after 84. I questions Bhanjans close friendship with Indira Gandhi. Simply when have White sikhs called out for justice for the Indian Sikhs in India after 84?

Thats all...thanks for the invite, if you practice sikhi the wrong way, Waheguru has his way of putting an end to evil. Same goes for me. I can not stop you, this is a free country, but the true Khalsal panth will never allow Sikhi to become altered by any yogi or cult. Again, my wrong will judged and punished as well. Karam does not discriminate, neither does Sikhi or Sikhs.