Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Siri Singh Sahib Birthday Celebration

Here are the pictures from the party on Saturday night.

The table I was sitting at.
Suraj Kaur, with a little baby jura.
Saribjot Singh, a very bright child.
Abinashi Singh (who was upset that I got a photo of him on the phone) and Hargobind Singh. In case you can't tell, Abinashi is extremely tall.
The younger brother of the Hargobind above, who looks so much like him and is also named Hargobind.
There wasn't enough room in the main hall for everybody so they had tables set up in other room with the program being broadcast into the other rooms.
Uttam Kaur and another kid I don't know.
Students at Miri Piri Academy. One is Guru Mittar Kaur from here and the other I got her name, but it has slipped my mind. (There were a lot of people there that night).
Ravijit Singh, total cutey.

Dharam Singh (brother of Gurumustuk) and Mukia Jethedar Amrit Singh.
I couldn't get great pictures from where I was sitting so I took pictures of the screen. This is former govenor of New Mexico Bruce King. He is a really nice man whom I've met a number of times. My mom used to work in public relations so I've met a lot of politicians in my lifetime, including the current govenor of New Mexico who couldn't make it this time.
Ben Lujan, the speaker of the house in New Mexico, he lives near the Gurdwara.
Kamaljit Kaur daughter of Siri Singh Sahib and Bibiji, along with her two brothers and their wives.
Kulbir Singh, son of Siri Singh Sahib.
Childeren and children-in-law of Siri Singh Sahib and Bibiji.
Sat Pal Singh, husband of Kamaljit Kaur, and Ranbir and Kubir in the background.
Sat Pal Singh.
Ranbir Singh eldest Son of Siri Singh Sahib and Bibiji.
Manpreet Bawa and his wife Parnita.
This man introduced the 'woman of peace' he has a peace organization based in Santa Fe and (this is funny) is the manager who launched Yanni's career.
Guru Sadhana Kaur presenting a 'woman of peace' award which is a yearly award given by peace cereal, a Sikh run company which donates profits from their cereal sales to peace organizations.
AmritJot and Fateh (grandson of the Siri Singh Sahib, son of Ranbir).
Yet another shot of Amar!
Hari, Sita, and Balwinder.
Angad Singh (eldest grandson of the Siri Singh Sahib, son of Ranbir), with Ram Das Singh, son of Gurbani and Kartar (pictured below).
Me and Ravi (leadership by turban).
BibiJi speaking at the event.
AmritJot Singh saying hello. ;-)
Sukhmani Kaur, Sat Purkh Kaur, and Suraj Kaur.
Kartar Singh and Gurbani Kaur
Sat Pavan Kaur from Chile and Panch Nishan Kaur.
Harimandir Kaur and Simran Singh (from the Wheeler peak pictures).
Amrit Singh making a funny face.
Ek Ong Kar Kaur, I got another person on their cell.
Fateh Singh, a student at Miri Piri Academy
Tres Amigas de Mexico.
Yet another shot of 'irony'. I'm taking a picture of the screen, while Lakhmi Chand and others are pointing the camera at me and Hari.


The bhangra performance at the Siri Singh Sahib's party on Saturday. My camera needs real good light to work on the 'action' setting so most of these shots are just a blurr, but they're still pretty cool.

On the screen.
I think I can see Sita in this picture.
I used the flash on this picture and then still lightened it with Picasa.
Another flash shot edited with Picasa.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What was said at Gurdwara

Mostly the speakers spoke of the Siri Singh Sahib's legacy. How they can feel the cherdi kala and see the spirit of Khalsa in our community. They said that they don't feel like Yogi ji has gone anywhere because his presence is felt here. They each seemed to extend invitations to all of us to visit their respective locations. Several people including Joginder Singh Vedanti spoke in Punjabi with Sat Pal Singh (son-in-law of Yogiji) translating.
Joginder Singh Vedanti spoke of two kinds of people. First he spoke of people who come to this earth to account for their past actions. People who may never grow spiritually because of the karmas they have to pay. Then he said there are a second kind of people. People who have cleared their karmas and are sent here for a purpose. People who do not need to account for anything, but are here to serve. He referred to the Siri Singh Sahib as one of these people.
I may have already forgotten a lot about what they said, or summarized incorrectly. The gist certainly though was about the legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib and our important presence and future as Sikhs in the West.

More Gurdwara Pictures

The Jethedar of Akal Takht saying Ardas and the Jethedar of Anandpur Sahib standing behind the Guru.
Jethedar of Anandpur Sahib reading the hukam.
On my way to the langar hall. This is between the langar hall and kitchen.