Thursday, July 28, 2005


I don't want to turn this into a 'talking' blog. I definitely don't want to make a political blog, that would contribute nothing, since all my political viewpoints are spread out on other people's blog somewhere already. But I don't have any new pictures. I certainly will get many more pictures in the future and from the past. I thought I might describe my drive home yesterday rather than show pictures of it. I stayed in Los Alamos late because I play ultimate frisbee on Wednesday night. I left frisbee early though because I did squats in the gym before hand. I never did it before, so I wanted to see if what I thought was true actually was true. I found out what I already thought, you cannot play sports after doing (heavy) squats in the gym. I was hurting out on the field. I wasn't nearly as fast as I usually am, and I had a lot less energy.
Anyway, yesterdays sunset was pretty cool. We got every color in the spectrum, red, orange, yellow, blue, white. At one point some of the clouds were reflecting a lot of light and seemed to be a hot pink color. It reminded me of the 80's and then me and Balwinder got into a discussion about 'what were people thinking in the 70's and 80's?' Balwinder summarized things very well when he said much of what was popular in the 80's was gaudy. But definitely a hot pink sunset looked pretty cool. Hot pink spandex is a whole other story.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww... reading all this stuff is giving me such a strange feeling.. man you seem to be so lonely in the crowd!! seems like there are few more on this earth... who are just like me....