Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sunday's reception

Cutting the Cake.
Mr. Sikhnet always in action (thus the blurry picture).

Girls dressed as Punjabi Munday doing a dance at the reception.
Real Punjabi Munday (most of them spent more time in Punjab than here) doing a dance at the reception.
Using an interesting feature of the camera to capture part of the bhangra dance.
More of the dance.


Anonymous said...

I have been lurking around reading your blog on a regular basis. Quite fascinating and eloquent.

I had an idea for the camera feature that allows you to capture the multiple pictures in could print it out, cut each picture and paste into a little booklet which if you flip through rapidly, you can watch the dance. I remember doing this as a kid. I think I'm going to go try this out myself now. Off to print your photo.

Also, thank you for sharing your photos and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think dancing is allowed in sikhi??
How stupid.

Prabhu Singh said...

Are you serious?
I feel sorry for you if you are.
I know what is allowed in Sikhi, because I'm a Sikh and I communicate directly with the Guru.
I don't care how many anonymous people think I'm stupid or wrong. I answer only to God and Guru. That is not stupid.