Monday, July 18, 2005

semi-famous pictures

You've probably all seen this at GMS's weblog, this picture is probably 20-22 years old. I'm on the far left, follwed by my brother Hari, then Lakhmi Chand, Siri Chand, Siri Mandir, and Hari Mandir. Now we are all grown up. Hari and Hari Mandir are now married.

Another one from GMS's weblog. If you're wondering, I'm wearing a ski hat over my turban because it was cold. I only ever do this when playing sports, or skiing or snowboarding. I love my turban and never try to hide it.

This isn't a second picture of the same flip. I did two flips to get some pictures. Akal is in the background of both.


Anonymous said...

So the Chands grew up Sikh? I had assumed that they were recent converts ...

-- Anonymous from NY

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of all of you when you were young.
It would be great to get everyone in the picture together again and lined up in the same order. (similar dress :)
A before and after