Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pictures from when Hari and I were in Mexico

These are some pictures from the trip that Hari and I took to Mexico. They are from January and February 2002. You'll notice our beards have grown quite a bit since then.

Hari in front of a famous museum in Mexico City, I can't remember the name, but it was nice.

This is me in front of the museum.

Hari and I in the "zocalo" which is a really famous plaza in Mexico City.

A picture of me in a town called Taxco. This town is known for its unique architecture and its silver mines and silver products.

Hari and I in Taxco.

Hari in front of a famous church in Taxco.

At the house where Pritam Pal and Ardas used to live in Cuernavaca there was a pool. Hari and I noticed that the water slide curved up slightly at the end. So we thought we'd see if we could get enough speed and rotation to do flips off the end of the slide. Here's yet another picture of me doing a flip.

I'm standing in front of a wall in the center of a town called Tepoztlan. The artwork on this wall was made up entirely of beans and seeds.

Close up of a portion of the wall.

A view of Tepoztlan from a friends house.

Hari in the town of Tepoztlan, before we embark on our hike to the pyramid above this town.

This is me in front of the pyramid. This was the closest that we got that day, because they were closing. We did the hike again later and got to hang out on the pyramid.

Me and Karta (from Chile) on the pyramid above Tepoztlan.

Hari and Karta on the pyramid.

Me and Karta in the town of Tepoztlan.

A random parade in San Cristobal with natives.

Hari and Simrit(from Chile) as we were walking to the ruins in Palenque.

Hari in front of a waterfall on the way to the ruins.

A panoramic view of the ruins.

Another panoramic view of the ruins.

Simrit, Hari and I at the ruins.

Hari and I on the steps of a pyramid.

Simrit and I at the ruins.

Huh? what's going on, did Escher design this place?

Hari and I at the ruins.

Hari and Simrit at the ruins.

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