Monday, July 18, 2005

Old pictures

I found some old pictures. Since I don't own a digital camera (yet) I'll have to post old pictures.

This picture is from Baisakhi two years ago (2003) in EspaƱola. You can see Sada Sat Simran Singh (of Cherdi Kala Jetha fame) spinning the chakar and me on the far left as a member of the Panj.

This pictures is from last year after langar in the summer.

This picture is really old, we were dressing up for All Saints Day. That's me and Hari in the front. We tried to dress up as Sikh warriors. Instead of celebrating Halloween which is associated with dark themes our community used to organize something for All Saints Day for the kids.

I took a class in rock climbing two years ago. It was mostly a class in safety and knots more than a class in technique. I took this class because of encouragement from my Dad, I then found out that I really enjoy climbing (although I don't do it that often) and I had a natural ability for it. Living in a valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains definitely provides plenty of good climbing, if you have the time.

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xSHANTIx said...

hahah the pics of u dressed up as kids looks like you are about to fall over with the weight of the dastars awwww LOL...those rock climbing pictures are friend was talking about an indoor rock climbing place here in Scotland...i may have to give it a try it looks kewl =D Sat Nam stay in cherdi kala