Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Kirtan's 120th day

These are pictures from my sister's 120th day celebration. She is pregnant with a second child. We celebrate the 120th day as the day that the soul enters the body.

This is my nephew Jodhan the first child of Kirtan and Mark, riding the horse.
Narayan wasn't camera shy when in costume!
Sarib Jot Kaur is so cute and her sister too.
This is Siri Atma Kaur the sister of Sarib Jot Kaur.
Amar Singh.
Jodhan playing a drum.
Two buddies from Albuquerque playing the drum.
Amar explaining that he has his own drum at home.
My sister glowing.
We sang this shabad.
Hari Bhajan Kaur singing and my Dad playing tabla. Amar will just sit in the tabla player's lap without even introducing himself!
Kirtan, Mark and Jodhan hanging out after the shabad.
Suraj Kaur.

Suraj again, so cute!
Uttam Kaur no longer hiding from the camera.
Vasu Sukhmani Singh!