Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm starting a blog

Well I've got enough encouragement now, so I'm starting my own blog. Like so many others I'm inspired by Gurumustuk's weblog. I think he is accurately showing our community in a positive light and being very courageous by sharing his personal life on the internet. I'm not sure how much I'll put on this blog, but I'm hoping, like Gurumustuk, that I'll take good pictures and share them here.


amritkk said...

Hey Prabhu, It's a wonderful blog. I really enjoyed reading everything and looking at all the pictures and your comments. You're a very enjoyable journaler. Hope to see some pics from Kirtan's 120th day and maybe that one of me at GuruBachan Singh's party with the nice Guru Nanak statue. Today was really cool and spending time with you and talking. Reading your blog was a special way to end this very lovely day. All my love, Mataji

GURMIT K AUR said...

great pictures.It was good work to show your beautiful turbans in France.i hope they learn to accept turbans as a natural normal headgear.Keep up the good work