Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guru Bachan Singh's birthday party

After my sister's 120th day we went to Guru Bachan Singh's birthday party.

Party from the view of the ristras.
I like chile and I like chile ristras. I also like PiƱon a whole lot, I'm a true New Mexican.
Lakhmi Chand looking good. The picture is a little blurred but that can't take away from Lakhmi Chand's style.
Attar in full atire.
Mataji standing next to a statue of Guru Nanak.
Ram Rattan Kaur.
Taking a picture of myself and Jodhan (my nephew).
Sahib Singh and Amar Singh.
Jodhan wrestling his Dad.
Siri Chand holding both Sahib and Amar. Siri Chand is a really good tabla player and Amar will probably grow up to be a master.
Yep, I got your picture.
View of Black Mesa from Guru Bachan Singh's house. This area is pretty green because it is near the Rio Grande.

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