Monday, July 25, 2005

Digital Camera and pictures

I now have a digital camera. I took hundreds of pictures this weekend, which I hope to post soon. On Friday evening I had to go to Santa Fe and I took a bunch of pictures while driving there. Even though I'm driving there are some good pictures. Also Saturday we had a celebration for my sister's 120th day. In our tradition we celebrate the 120th day of pregnancy, this is the day that the soul enters the body of the baby in the womb. My sister and her husband have one son already, his name is Jodhan and now they have another baby on the way. I'm hoping for a girl, but we'll see.
I have so many cute baby pictures.
On Saturday evening and night I went to Guru Bachan Singh's birthday party and have nice pictures from there. Also I have some pictures from Gurdwara on Sunday, including the wedding.
On Saturday I found out the hard way, that BMW's are not made for off roading. I was going down my brother's driveway a little too fast and I really messed up something on my suspension. As a result I had to borrow my brother's car, which meant I had to take him to the airport after Gurdwara on Sunday because he's going out of town for a week. On the way back from the airport I got more pictures of scenery while driving. Then I got pictures from the wedding reception Sunday evening. So I have lots of pictures.
Coming (real) soon.

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