Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Big snow in March

Hari and I went up into the hills to go sledding. Because there was so much snow work was cancelled. There are hundreds of people who commute to the Los Alamos National Labs which are located in Los Alamos, up in the mountains. We received almost 2 feet of snow in the valley and even more in the mountains so a snow day was called. Hari took this picture of the Gurdwara from the Hills.

This picture was taken right in front of Hari and Sita's house. You can see two little fences protecting jujube sapplings. Hari's excited about the Jujubes because they all survived and are growing pretty well as of now.

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xSHANTIx said...

oh wooooooooow i love snow those pics are beautiful.....i will be dreaming of sledging tonite ^_^